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How to decorate young male teen's room?

Asked by Raggedy_Ann (455points) January 27th, 2009

My 13 year old son loves outer space. So much so that my mom made him a denim quilt for his bed with the space shuttle on it. Over the past few years we’ve collected other “outer space” themed items. Problem is what color to paint his walls. I’ve got some wall stickers of planets so I was thinking a very dark blue and may be some glow in the dark paint for stars. But what about the other 3 walls? Help…

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What does he think? He’s the one who has to live in it.

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I wouldn’t do anything too drastic. At 13 he’ll probably change his interest in the next few years going into his teens. I suggest you do a basic thing as appose to go all out.
At 15 he might look at his room and be like “god I’m such a ‘kid’ ”

If you’re set though, yes dark blue or black with planet and stars stuff. Maybe paint an earth on one wall. That like takes up the whole wall? That could be pretty cool.

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I totally agree. Don’t do anything permanent. I would have loved a Legend of Zelda room at 13. At fifteen I would have been embarrassed. Puberty is a bitch.

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@johnpowell at 19 I’d still love a pokemon room :(

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@Cage is right. In about a year or so, he’ll be more into music than space. One of the coolest boy’s rooms I’ve seen had dark gray walls and white woodwork.

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@johnpowell im 20 and id still love me some zelda room :P

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Could just install some UV lights and let the kid decorate it himself

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if he loves space, i’d put up some heavenly bodies. wink wink nudge nudge
what 13 yr old ain’t gonna love that?!

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One million lurve to you, Sir Harp.

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leave it up to him. he’s gonna change it later anyway. trust me.

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and a million more lurve to harp. lol4rl

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take a step further and start with girl in bikini pictures.

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13 year old boys are old enough to decorate their own rooms. Let him pick out everything, but even if he is still all about space, don’t get all theme-y. He will regret it at soon as he realizes he’s ready to grow up. Hint- DO NOT PICK UP THE DIRTY SOCKS!!! they might be extra stiff.

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@elijahsuicide is that because they’re using the socks as paint brushes and the paints dried?

Could you explain further on this totally related subject?


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@elijahsuicide “it’s all sticky”

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silver and blue, but let him pick…my friend painted a checkerboard on her son’s wall…red/black, but the black was magnetic…maybe she actually bought magnetic squares…they were 1ft squares…it looked neat.

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your son is never getting laid… he may get into NASA but no tang for this one. Ok that was mean. I with everyone else let him choose the decoration as the years go by it will probably change many times.

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To be honest, I would still love a space themed room, but I’m a chick who is hoping to build a telescope so…yeah. Up until I moved a month or two ago, my room had over a hundred stars on the ceiling and high up on walls. I also really want this and I wanted all these things pretty much since I was five. Sometimes, it’s not a phase.

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I have a space themed room. It’s too childish now, but I’m too lazy to paint. I shall posts pics if anyone else wants to see its awesomeness =P.

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I do! I have room envy. :’(

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When I get home I’ll be sure to take a few pictures!

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Yay! Maybe it’ll give the OP some ideas! :)

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Here’s one part Yes, I do have a strobe light and soldering iron in my room.
Here’s my record player
Here is the border and wall
My unmade bed
And here’s my bookcase

I believe I need to do a little redecorating…

Sorry for the graininess. It was low light and i didn’t want to use a flash, so I used a high ISO.

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Haha, nerdy. I dig.

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I’m 25, and I’d STILL love a Zelda room. Thanks alot, now I have to hop on the Wii and play some OoT on my virtual console.

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