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Anybody know a creative way to find a good graphics designer?

Asked by francisplace (1points) October 8th, 2007

I am looking for a good graphics designer – preferably in the bay area (Silicon valley). Instead of the usual posting an ad on Craigslist (or other job sites) Does anybody know of “graphics professional’s” portals/websites where I’m likely to get better audience/quality ?

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TruMobius's avatar is ok too, but it has too much pomp and over hype of certain people imho. (too hard for emerging artists to get jobs)

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We had a great experience (and got tons of great candidates) from

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Ditto on authentic jobs. It’s soooo much better than craigslist.

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If you want a really creative way to hire I remember there was a classfied ad placed with several prominent design publications the caveat being that the text was in Zaph Dingbats! It was for something typographically-related obviously.

So one can craft a recruitment ad in such a way that it would require some ‘in’ knowledge to actually decipher – you’d get a more focused starting set than a standard ad.
i.e. If you were looking for an HTML coder you could place the ad but with ASCII code instead of letters…

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As mentioned above, Coroflot is a great resource and they have a job board as well as online portfolios to browse. There are other quality portfolio sites out there that while not “job boards”, usually have online portfolios where you can find a designer’s work whose style fits the look you are going for, and you can contact them directly.

A couple that I have portfolios with are & BeHance has a job posting section.

Another good job posting board for graphic designers is over at It’s a great resource site for freelance designers/creatives and I am sure it attracts a more refined audience than Craigslist.

You might find some luck with Guru or other project bidding sites, but they seem to attract bargain-basement contractors, and the lowest priced are usually outside the U.S. As with anything, when price is the primary factor one usually sacrifices quality and expertise.

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