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What punctuation mark do you overuse?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) February 21st, 2009

I tend to over-do the exclamation points and the ellipsis.

Is the plural of ellipsis ellipsi?

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@Blondesjon, cyber knuckle touch for a fellow ellipsis lover! There’s that pesky exclamation point again!

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I think the plural of ellipsis is ellipses.

I definitely overuse commas, at least in school papers and such. I’m a fan of the run-on sentence.

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I’m horrible about over-using parenthesis (especially when I want the content to sound like an aside).

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Ellipsis, definitely… I use it way more than is necessary….

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I’m, definitely, a, comma, kinda, guy,

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^^-That sexy little punctuation mark. I’d rather overuse, than not use at all ;]

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I want to be “witty;” however, it’s 4:25 in the afternoon, and (to be quite honest), my favorite punctuation mark—drumroll, please—is, actually . . . . well? All of them!!! Have any of you read Eats Shoots & Leaves? It’s for the punctuation pundit.

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Hmm.. I think I’d have to say parentheses.
By the way everyone, @johnpowell has perfect capitalization and punctuation. Really.

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I do love me a semicolon; they’re fun.

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maybe parentheses, i always have some sort of side comment on my own sentences. or commas. it’s probably just on the internet though, if i do overuse them, because in english i do pretty damn well on those grammar/punctuation tests.

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I do the dot dot dot… way too much. (and I love parenthetical side notes)

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I love dots….
Dots are fun….

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I am not aware of any… punctuations that I overuse… Possibly…comma’s?...No…I don’t use comma’s too much…

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Elipses by far. But I cant help myself.

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… ,

I hate it when people overuse exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think I over use the… I use it in everything!!!

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@RandomMrAdam—You overuse apostrophes. ;)

I’m a comma abuser. [hangs head in shame] Also, I use a lot of ellipses, like everyone else here seems to. And I’m a big fan of the interrobang; I try to come up with excuses to use it as much as possible.

Edit: After I posted my answer, I looked at it and realized that I’m pretty sure I use semicolons more than anybody else I know.

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The colon, for this reason:

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I think that the most overused punctuation mark on the internet at large, however, is the lol.

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I think it is going to be the comma for me.

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My english teacher refers to me as the “comma queen”. Once I got into the negative point values (-230 somthing) due mostly to comma issues. I like to put them where I would put a pause, but apparently I think like William Shatner.

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um…........... periods and exclimation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I place a comma with every pause for breath, ( I read all my written works out loud to get the cadence right) and if I ever get emphysema, then, I suppose, I, will really, overuse, commas. :-)

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, <——That one.

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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Me too on the semicolon. I think in joined-together complete thoughts. It’s perfect for that.

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Ellipsis and just the period. I’m really good at exhausting the coma too.

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