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What's the best wireless router for use with both my Mac and PC laptop?

Asked by nikpadio1 (2points) November 7th, 2007

I want to set up a wireless system that will be connected to my mac but able to be used by my pc laptop somwhere else in the house. What do I do?

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Apple Airport is your best bet—totally mac friendly, and is a regular wifi access point to a PC.

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yes 2nd bpeoples…the new airport extreme base station was by far the easiest to set up; dwcent coverage amd true gigabit ethernet; mac admin software was a snap and PCs haveno problem connecting.

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The main reason people ever have issues with a mixed wireless network (mac and PC) is because of the type of security used. Just make sure you steer clear of WEP (use WPA or WAP2 instead) and you should be OK, no matter what wireless router you use.

Just to add one thing. With the Airport Extreme, you get the ability to share a hard drive or a printer wirelessly which might be a big help depending on your setup.

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