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Which is better, Facebook or Myspace and why?

Asked by artemisdivine (1092points) January 21st, 2008

I hold accounts on both of these and I definitely know which I prefer, but what is your opinion?

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Generally, the “better” choice is the one with more of your friends and contacts. Personally, I prefer Facebook.

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I do not belong to facebook. I do belong to myspace. However, I never update it anymore, because I do not feel comfortable with giving all my information to a site owned by Rupert Murdoch. Please think about that for a second.

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Facebook has way too many annoying applications (NO I do not want to turn into a vampire/pirate/zombie or build a virtual snowman or answer quizzes about Disney princesses) but there are less creepy people on it than My Space, in my experience.

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Hey, it’s you’re choice whether you want to install those apps or not. And besides, Facebook people don’t have those creepy UTF symbols in their names. That’s what the best plus for me. Then there’s the design. Facebook design has a very good design, yet it’s still very simple to use. Compared to Myspace, where everyone can edit their profile’s design, we get a load of un-standardised pages.

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You can’t delete your Facebook account should you ever want to – see for details.

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this i came across and actually its pretty interesting…nothing lasts forever. like My So Called Life (best tv show ever)

MySpace, Second Life, and Twitter Are Doomed

by Lance Ulanoff

Don’t get too attached to MySpace. You might want to pull up stakes from Second Life, too. And you’ll probably want to stop posting inanities to Twitter. Why? All of these sites will be gone before the end of this decade.


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Myspace suits me better since I never went to college, and don’t work at a corporation or franchise. It’s much easier for me to connect with people through Myspace than Facebook.

I do have to give props to Virb. It’s lightyears ahead of both, but doesn’t have enough of my friends to completely switch over yet.

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i never had a myspace, it just never appealed to me. but a few years ago when facebook rolled out, i got one as an early adopter. i thought it was absolutely amazing. the exclusivity was nice, but not in a snobbish way, i just liked the fact that the site wasn’t over run with angsty 14 year olds. Alas, now that facebook has opened to the public, it has been tainted with thousands of poncy applications and Disney princess quizzes. despite the recent surge in crap, facebook has managed to retain a sliver of it’s dignity and thus i still use it. i don’t plan to touch myspace, and from what i can tell myspace is doomed.

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Facebook. Why? Myspace takes up to much time to load, and takes up to much space. They also took a lot of stuff out that made it…..kinda good. And facebook is easier to find friends.

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