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Is there a way to wipe out your questions from your profile?

Asked by Pandora (27866points) April 16th, 2010

The list is getting longer and I rather just be able to look at old questions that still interest me without going though the whole list. Is there a way to get rid of the ones I’m no longer interested in or have already been answered?

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don’t erase this answer, but i’ll say great question too.

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@charliecompany34 LOL I won’t but then again till someone can tell me how, I can’t.

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But wouldn’t it be better to leave it accessible (separated from the ones you really want)so 1) people can benefit from the questions and answers? 2) the people who answered your questions don’t feel like they wasted their time. Maybe there is a system that lists them according to importance? Like in some email clients we are offered the option of having them listed according to… or…

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@flo See your point but a lot of my questions where simply discussions. No earth moving questions. I wouldn’t mind if someone erased some of mine. Sometimes I see a similar questions and I could browse through all previous questions I answered but that would be more time consuming than actually answering it again. True some people don’t mind doing that but I’m not one of them. Plus I always think its rude when others say, Hey here’s the link because I already asked that question. I certainly don’t have time to go through all the questions.

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@Pandora okay, then. The only thing is, I am stunned by “I always think its rude when others say, Hey here’s the link because I already asked that question….” People are trying to be helpful. They offer the links so you can choose which answers you like, or not check them at all. Nothing says you have to go to them. “Thanks for your effort” is what goes with the kindness of others. Rude???. How??? does rude come into it? I am baflled plus plus plus. I hope people who are reading don’t change their mind about being helpful.
I am willing to bet if people knew that they wouldn’t bother answering. Our definition of “rude” is very very different.

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Oh, there have been a few times when people would just say, “Hey I’ve asked that question already”. Its not that they said it, often it is in the way they said it. Even if the question has been asked it doesn’t mean that some people who didn’t answer it before may have some more stuff they can add.
Now if they said, they asked the question and can link it and then add that some of the answers may be helpful to them, and maybe add some more input then it will seem a lot less hostile. Especially new people may get offended and just abandon the question. But it may be just me who feels this way.

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the ques. is is there a way to wipe out your comments.

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@slick44 Actually a way to wipe out questions and sure even comments. Not from the main board. Just from my own profie listings so I can hold onto the actual things that still may need answering and I can go back and see them without having to go through a long list. I mean it can still be on fluther, just not listed on my own profile.

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What I do is have a folder in my bookmarks named “fluther.”

I save answers from various people, questions that I like, and questions I want to answer in subfolders.

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Great idea @Arisztid ( If only I was that organized. I can organize my home but I hate having to organize folders. Its right up there with going through paper work I have to ditch.) I still have a few hundred photos I have to do that with. LOL

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Are you asking about questions you’ve asked, or questions you’re following? If it’s the latter, you can click on “stop following” for the ones you don’t want anymore.

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@augustlan Ones I asked. But in my profile not under the Activity for you portion.

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@Pandora Ah, ok. Then I’m afraid not. Sorry!

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@augustlan I guess if you don’t know of a way than, that’s that. Thanks for answering.

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