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Does Your Pet Inhibit Your Activities or Lifestyle?

Asked by GrumpyGram (822points) May 21st, 2010

Do you have a cat or dog or more that you allow to keep you from doing certain things or from going places? Do you worry they’ll be lonely or feel neglected or depressed if you go anywhere? I feel stressed out just shopping when they’re home alone even knowing they’re safe and fed.

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My dog is 16 and I take great care of the ole girl. She needs some help and some clean up but is awesome most days.

I feel like she may need me if I leave. her brother died because he didnt like me going back to work after Christmas. Wow, I didnt know the connection til now.

But I have taken care of the elderly, including family and I have patience. It’s caring for the years of love we have shared.

I’m not real healthy either right now, so we are good company. i wouldnt have it any other way.

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Yes. I worried when I did work that I had to get straight home to my dog after work as she had been home alone for about 10 hours. So when I was asked to stay and have dinner with others, I never felt that I was able to. She also has separation issues, so when I go to other people’s houses for a weekend, I can’t take her. She gets nervous and pee’s in their house. She does not do this in my house, so I have to put her in a kennel. Then I worry about her being stuck in a kennel. It’s a vicious cycle. But I do love her and would not give her up for anything.

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I don’t worry about the cats too much. I can put down a bunch of food and water and leave for a day, day and a half.

The birds, though, are a problem. They require attention and have a habit of dumping food in their water, mucking it up quickly.

So, yeah, if I had a social life of some kind that would have an impact.

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Our dogs don’t inhibit our lifestyle, they are part of our life – a family member.
They go on holiday with us and even have their own suitcase!!

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Our cats don’t inhibit our lifestyle much at all. If we’re going to be gone for two or fewer days, we leave them with enough food and water and an extra litter box. (For a total of three litterboxes.) We come home, they look at us, yawn and go back to sleep. We’re pretty sure they’re having bridge parties while we’re gone. If we’re going to be gone longer than that, we have a neighbor that comes over each day and takes care of them. It’s right on her way home from work and she’s happy to do it.

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I have kenneled the dog when we’re away long and have someone check on the cats.
They do however,go on some trips and are all good in the car.One of my cats has even gone boating.She rocks :)

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Cats are much easier than dogs. I have 5 so they keep each other company. And if we put down enough food and water, and put out the extra litter boxes, we can go away for 3–4 days without worrying about their well-being.

If I ever win the lotto there will definitely be a problem, because I plan to go on a two year vacation.

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Yeah cats are really easy that way which is the reason I don’t currently have a dog.

For many years I did have a dog. I was living in the city in those days and didn’t have a yard for him to do his business.

Forget the saying about mailmen. If you’re a city dweller with a dog you’re walking him in rain, snow, sleet, hail or hurricanes :).

As long as the cat has adequate food, water, or litter, she’s golden. And usually glad to see me when I get back.

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