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What sovent should I use to dilute elmer's glue?

Asked by UScitizen (4273points) June 4th, 2010

I have one-half bottle of elmer’s. It is become thick and slow. I would like to very slightly dilute it for continued use. What solvent would work best?

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use milk. trust me, i do decoupage and i use Elmer’s Glue and dilute with milk.

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It’s a water based glue so I’ve always used water.

Wouldn’t the milk go sour?

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I use water.

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i use water as well, and have done many decoupaging projects in the past, it works well.

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Yeah, use water. I’m in the middle of a project where I painted diluted glue on the edges of pages of a book, and that’s what I used and it worked very well.

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