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Things to do in Nashville?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) June 7th, 2010

so my family and i are going to tennesse to see my grandpa and grandma. they live close to chatenuga (spelling????) and we might go to Nashville on the way. We would only be there for a day. what are some fun thing to do in Nashville that arent the most expensive??? thanks

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Haven’t been there in years, but as I recall one could spend an afternoon just hanging out along the riverfront… One of my favorite places to check out is Gruhn Guitars – hours of drooling and fantasizing. But probably not grandparent-friendly unless they’re 6 string bandits too :-/

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Chattanooga is the correct spelling…I live very close to it myself. What id do in Nashville is go on one of those Tours of the Country Stars homes. and of course… the Grand Ole Opery

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And when you’re done with those, just drive a few hours down Rte 40 and go “Walkin’ in Memphis”
( the pourin’ rain…)


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call my ex-wife…i’m sure she can think of something! Please don’t give her my regards! loll

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You can have some super huge pancakes or really good Pastrami on Rye at Noshville downtown, if you like that NY deli type of atmosphere, and then go over to the Parthenon which is several blocks away in a very pretty park setting. If you like history and historical houses there is some of that too, if you are interested I will pull out the info I have on that. There is also the country music hall of fame .

I think johnpennington on here lives in Nashville, and there is someone else who I cannot think of right now who is a student there, hopefully they will answer also.

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Due to the recent floods, would check with @john65pennington, as he can tell you what is open. Will invite him to the question.

Doubt that Opryland Hotel is open…but, of all the things in Nashville, and I’ve been there many times, this is a must see, if it is open!

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Invited him to the question..he was here earlier. John lives in Nashville…been there for a longtime and he can give you the scoop!

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One of my favorite places is Bongo Java – home of the nun bun and good coffee/shows.

I really hope while in Chattanooga you’re going to see the Tennessee Aquarium

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I think Opry Mills outlet mall is closed also from the flooding. Good idea to call ahead or check the webistes of wherever you plan to go to make sure it is open.

And, I almost forgot, if you have never had a Gigi Cupcakes they are unbelievable!! Your family can try a couple and also bring a yummy box of 4 to your grandparents if you won’t be stopping from Nashville to her house (if the car was off sitting in the sun, it would be too hot this time of year for a cupcake like that I think).

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I would love to spend the day playing with john pennington’s dog…...

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