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Computer problems. (see inside) what would you do with these problems?

Asked by Aster (19967points) August 6th, 2010

1. my edit, view, tools – gone.
2. I cannot cut and paste; right click won’t copy.
3. Favorites tag is gone but I have a list of many visited sites;
4. “Mail” is gone ; have to go to yahoo to see envelope which works but does not have the Number of emails next to it;
5. Cannot delete spam emails and they’re piling up.
If you owned this pc what would you do? Service, buy new one and risk erasing yahoo
pictures (which I cannot find)? Thanks!

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Wow-first some details are needed.

Operating System
Email program/account provider
PC Specs helpful but not needed.

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Windows XP Internet Explorer 7
Yahoo for email
don’t know specs. thank you patg7590
I think I pushed too many keys too many times?

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First off, try restarting the computer.

Then run Windows Update until you have everything updated.

Then get a real browser. ;)

Any of these will do. Go ahead, you can try them all if you like. No commitment involved, you can run them all at once if you feel like it.


If you are still having problems there are plenty more steps we can take until the issue is resolved.

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How nice of you. Do I have to restart if I’ve had this for 2 weeks and have done 3 system restores?

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@Aster that seems excessive haha but yes just reboot the machine. Shut it down and turn it back on. Strangely enough, lots of computer issues can be fixed by this simple method.

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I downloaded Opera, in 2 secs it said, “thank you for downloading Opera” but nothing changed. I reboot all the time but it doesn’t make any difference either. So I have to reboot BEFORE downloading Opera?? (I also am unable to change my avatar on fluther)

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Internet explorer can be a nightmare if it gets corrupted. I would do one of two things after backing up all my data.

My 2nd choice would be to try upgrading to Internet Explorer 8. It could cure the problem, keep it or make it worse.

My prime choice would be to either reformat and reinstall XP or a better option, reformat and fresh install of Windows 7. I would choose Windows 7 because it is quite stable and manages memory better than XP. It actually works better than XP on an older PC and an added benefit is ReadyBoost which allows a flash drive to be used as operating memory.

If you have not upgraded to SP3 on XP you can un-install IE7 but it is not without risk.

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I wonder how I’d reinstall W7? And I don’t know what reformat means. aaarrrrrrrggggggg GA, @polinsteve

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@Aster haha Windows is not for the faint of heart.

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In internet Exploder go to tools/options->advanced->reset internet exploder. ( i dont know the exact path I dont have IE7.

If Opera doesn’t work try one of the other browsers. When you have a working browser-

download CCleaner and MBAM. Run them one at a time on default settings and do whatever they ask you (more or less)

Running Windows Update should also get you Internet Exploder 8 which as mentioned can make things better or worse.

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Ha-Ha, Aster, what an apt typo, ” internet exploder”.

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Humor aside, no actually this Is humorous: I can’t download anything! I click on “download ie 8” and nothing happens! lollo
I think it’s a virus?

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Can you get to the task manager?

Right click on any empty bit of the task bar. Left click on “Start task Manager”. Go to processes. You should now see a list of processes running on your PC. Press the “Print Scn button on your keyboard. Open up a new page in your word processor then press Ctrl and v. You should see an image of your screen pasted as a picture Send it to me and I will see if I can find a dodgy process.

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thanks So much but right clicking brings nothing up except Restore and Close.

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I think you are correct with your virus suspicions. I don’t know what anti-virus you are using but I suggest AVG, either the free version or for the bells and whistles, the paid for version.

I also recommend the tools below. I don’t use them all the time but just a sweep if I have a problem and a check every few weeks:


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thank u so much @polinsteve . I don’t have virus protection ; that is, Malwarebytes didn’t work, obviously!

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Opera and Firefox will not download. And IE 8 scares me. Not being able to cut and paste is dreadful.

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