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Well F-ucme! Look who's got 20K!

Asked by harple (10441points) January 9th, 2011

Today should be a record!

Look who couldn’t stay away from the party!

Congratulations UCME!!!! A 20K Brit, nice one!

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Hey, I like that guy.

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Wow, Ucme . I’m So Impressed !! Congratulations , friend !

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Congratulations @UCME! You come up with some of the most thought provoking questions. I always look forward to what will come out of the Brit mind next. Welcome to the island. There should be a fantastic party already in progress, so grab a drink and find the conga line!

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Wowzers! Congratulations!!

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Welcome to the Island!!!! (You don’t happen to surf do you?)

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A fine chap indeed. Congratulations, sir.

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Now we are in serious trouble!! Congrats on the 20 grand bad boy!! <<knuckles>>

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P.S.: Super props to @harple for coming up with the bestest title for this thread :)

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@Seelix Cheers m’dear! It’s that unfailing British wit! ;-)

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Well deserved. Congratulations! I always enjoy your posts :¬)

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Dear Ucme, let’s have a luau just for you, and we’ll all shout, “Ho’omaikai!”

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Huh. I gotta go to the store for more party supplies! Congratulations!

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Well Done!!!

‘tis truly a day of lurve parties

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Yay! You’re one of my favorite jellies. Congrats!
* lapdance *

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Congratulations, thanks for keeping it light on Fluther – your questions help break up some of the drama.

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Congratulations, @ucme! You crept under my skin. I kind of like you.

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Congratulations to an extremely witty fellow. You make me laugh. In my books that is a great talent.

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Cheeky fucking monkey!

Congrats! :)

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Geeze, I didn’t mean to drive you away…was it the wild dog? He was just glad to see you!
Congratultions you irreverent silly Brit!

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Awesome work mate, keep it up!

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One of the funniest guys around!
I love you ucme! Congratulations!
This has to be the ultimate party weekend!

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Yay, congratulations!! Your posts are consistently entertaining, you deserve every bit of lurve you’ve got and then some. :)

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Unreal! Congratulations!

@Vunessuh You know, I’m working my way to 20K, make sure to save a lapdance for me! :)

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Persistence pays off!

Mazel Tov @ucme!

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I see you, @ucme! Congratulations!

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Congratulations! Had lots of chuckles over your posts.

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Yeeeah! Congrats dude, I totally dig your style man, keep it up! :)

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ICU hit 20K ucme! ^5, It’s 2G2BT.

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Congrats @ucme, do ucme? Well anyways, kisses and enjoy your party!!!

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Congrats on the 20K !. It’s always nice to hear your voice of reason.
Is there something in the water? This has been one busy day!

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Congrats on the 20k!

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Congrats, U! Merry prankster is in the house!

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Okay, where to begin. Yeah trust me to be friggin late for my own bash, I slept right through it, no really I did! I guess those bloody time differences across the pond have a lot to answer for. This must have been posted fairly late last night, kids back at school early to bed early to rise. By the way, thanks @harple that was good of you, fucme sideways :¬) I shall get back to the rest of you reprobates…....I mean darlings, when I can think of something appropriate to say by way of thanks… be continued :¬)

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loll I’m laughing…. that is what loll means! huh? You are definitely a friend. Kudos….....

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... you bring a smile to my face with your quick witted sense of humour !!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Cheers guy, my tribute to you >>>> He’s a plucky little bastard! You can’t be that bad surely :¬(
@Aster Thanks for that :¬)
@chyna Yeah, a shed load of partying going down. Thanks :¬)
@Seelix Cheers, appreciate it :¬)
@Dog Err….well, yeah kind of, it’s like fallin off a log right? Thanks :¬)

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@Michael_Huntington Why thanks awfully old bean, mighty kind of you to say so. Jolly good show ;¬}
@Cruiser Bad boy sir? Who sir? Me sir? Why i’m a puddy tat, well sort of. Cheers fella :¬)
@AmWiser Thanks for that, nice one :¬)
@hawaii_jake A big high 5 0 to you man. Yeah I know, really original right? Thanks :¬)
@syz Yeah i’m still hungry. Thank you :¬)

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Happy solicitations : )

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@ucme, that was awesome, haha!

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@Lightlyseared Thanks :¬)
@Vunessuh A lapdance? Jesus that sounds good! XD Cheers gorgeous ;¬}
@Simone_De_Beauvoir Yeah, light & fluffy that’s me! Thanks :¬)
@marinelife Doh, you’re just sayin that! Thank you :¬)
@tranquilsea Aww, glad to hear it. Laugh it up….cheers :¬)

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@JilltheTooth Thank you :¬)
@Seaofclouds Cheers, appreciate it :¬)
@FireMadeFlesh Thanks, i’ll try my best :¬)
@wilma Aww, hey that’s good to hear. Thanks :¬)
@TheOnlyNeffie Cheers Mrs. Keep pwning those noobies :¬)

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How’d I miss this?

Cheers to one of the funniest jellyfish ever!

Happy 20k to ‘Cro-dickman’ man. ;-)

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Mother goose said quack quack quack quack :¬) Yeah I missed it myself, must have a got a rush of lurve late last night. I went to bed & next thing I know poof….this!

@Everyone else Thanks a bunch for your participation. I’m grateful to each of you :¬)

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I’ve a “BIG BONE” to pick with you my friend! No wonderful words for Bo! I know, you are in penthouse and forgot about us peons on the first floor. Just be that way. See if I care! The rich always forget about us “poor boys!” <leaving with my tail between my arse!>

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@BoBo1946 Aww, roll over & i’ll tickle your tummy XD Hey bud I just got lazy that’s all. I was going to send you a PM but you wanna go all public with this shit eh? ;¬} I’ve overlooked another good mate on here too….actually two & then there’s big boss lady & now i’m going to cry & everything…... by the way, if you can get your tail between your arse then, whoo hoo….who’s a lucky boy then XD

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Lmao… my heart will never mend!

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Your goofy and somehow always insightful questions and answers never cease to make me smile and/or think! Congratulations to one fine jelly! The next time I take a jaunt across the pond we’ll have to take tea! See what I did there, trying to sound British?

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Hey @BoBo1946 quit clowning around! That’s my job :¬)
@SuperMouse I actually can’t stand the stuff, i’m more of a coffee man myself. Although we could play croquet & eat crumpets on the lawn. Thanks :¬)

BoBo1946's avatar

No, I’m not a spectator, just a common potato! does that make sense! No..

ucme's avatar

Just thought i’d throw in a big thank you to @lucillelucillelucille who is definitely here in spirit if not in person. Cheers lucyloo :¬)

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Congrats @ucme!!

ucme's avatar

@Cupcake Why thank you “sweet thing” :¬)

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Sorry I’m so late with my congrats!

Here @ucme , have a peanut butter blossom cookie. I just took them out of the oven!

ucme's avatar

@MissAusten Yummy, gratefully accepted. Thanks x2 :¬)

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Totally awesome, dude! Let the halls of the mansion ring with laughter :-)

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Congratulations on the 20K. Never a dull comment. Totally deserved.

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@Blueroses Oh absolutely, but one eye on the time might be good advice. You know, the “older ones” bless em, will be tucked up in their beds. I wouldn’t want to disturb anyones beauty sleep. Shudder to think! Thanks for that :¬)

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@flutherother Just how I like it! Cheers, appreciate that :¬)

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<peeps round door and does a wee snoopy happy dance with nose pointing towards the sun> yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!! well done to my favourite jelly, you always make me smile no matter what kind of a hellish day I’ve had, thank you for that, so congratulations dear @ucme couldn’t happen to a nicer person <hugs> xx

ok…. can somebody put on some music now I wanna do my funky disco dance I know I must be really good at it because whenever I do it everybody stops and stares, some folk even point!!! ;-) everybody PARTY!!!!!!!!

ps: Rick Astley only wishes he were as cool as our dear @ucme…. but if he was, he could easily do this

Well done dear @ucme, congrats and….. your party room awaits
hugs xx

pearls's avatar

@ucme Congratulations!!!

OreetCocker's avatar

Hey, great job @ucme. Congratulations!!!

ucme's avatar

@bunnygrl God I love your positive energy! Thanks for that, much appreciated ;¬} Oh & while you’re here…. jive baby jive! XD

ucme's avatar

@pearls Thanks for that :¬)
@OreetCocker Cheers, appreciate it :¬)

bunnygrl's avatar

YES!!! <stops the funky disco dance (told you I was good all of our fellow jellies stopped and stared) and starts the snoopy happy dance again <boogie boogie boogie>…..... <holds puppy Jade’s little front paws and we both dance with noses towards the sun> LOVE IT LOVE IT!! thanks ucme <stops to hug ucme then runs back to snoopy dance with Jade>
<boogie boogie boogie>
hey ucme!!! catch!! <throws mountains of hugs> xx
ps: I double dare you NOT to smile at this <grins> just beyond adorable :-)

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@bunnygrl Yeah Snoopy is a cool dawg, always was my fave, Pig Pen runs him a close second. They should make a new movie, i’d be one avid viewer that’s for sure :¬)

bunnygrl's avatar

@ucme me too, class, total class. I must have been a really strange child though, because I remember collecting the books when I was young and asking my Dad who looked after them (the kids), why didn’t we see their parents, how come it looked like they lived alone sometimes? like I said, very strange child lol. My Dad told me once that he thought I was born middle aged and was getting older every single day, still makes me smile :-)

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@bunnygrl I think we were meant to view it through their eyes, living in a childs world. I remember the teacher always had this weird muffled voice…....kind of how I used to hear my old maths teacher :¬)

bunnygrl's avatar

@ucme My Dad told me “weans don’t take any notice of adults aboot hen” so he thought the same thing lol :-)

ucme's avatar

@bunnygrl Haha, wise words indeed XD I’m afraid i’m off now m’dear, late as it is. The kids are safely tucked into bed & that sounds like a pretty good idea to Dad. Night night :¬)

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@ucme I’m off too, alarm (wee, furry, and called Jade) tends to go off around 5am for walkies, luckily that’s her Daddy’s job but its Mum she wakes up lol. night night friend, and congrats again <hugs> xx

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Did he, then? 20K? Indeed. Well, @ucme, old bean, congratulations and all that rot, what?

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@aprilsimnel Aye nee botha, cheers bonnie lass :¬)

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Nice job @ucme.

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@cprevite How many different ways to say thank you? No.5832…. Thanks, much appreciated :¬)

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Congratulations!! :))

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Aww, now she’s definitely here in person! Welcome back….oh & thanks, again :¬)

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Cheers fella, last but certainly not least :¬)

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I totally missed this one. Congrats dude: happy 20 million k.y. jelly.

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Oh well thanks, you just totally screwed up my previous line! Harumph ;¬}

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