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What would you do if you were Singaporean in this case?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) April 29th, 2008 Apparently Singaporeans are not reproducing and they lack the skills of having relationships that would bear fruit with many children. Man if this was available in the US, the population will increase by like a stampede. So the Singaporean government is encouraging youngsters to have more sex and get more babies.

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That’s like right out of an old episode of Star Trek.

These lists rank all of the countries, and there are some definite trends. I’ve also heard that birth rate is tied to a parent’s perception of the scope of resources required to raise a child. Places where that perception is low tend to see higher birth rates. Places where it’s perceived that more resources are required have lower birth rates.

To answer your question, I don’t think I’d change very much as a result of that kind of government program. Rather than hitting people over the head with that kind of messaging, they should change their economics and culture to make more levels of intelligence and achievement socially acceptable.

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Heh… I remember visiting Hungary (before the Wall came down) once in the ‘80’s… and one nite, there was nothing on TV. When asked about it the next day, the tour guide explained that the government was trying to halt a population decline by encouraging more babies. The thinking was that, if nothing at all was on TV one nite a week, well, there’s only one other thing folks would get around to doing.

Personal oberservation: I can tell you that the women certainly did NOT get around to shaving their legs on those nites. Still a little nauseous recollecting white stockings (part of a traditional garb at a tourist site) with long, long, black hairs poking out from every which way.

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@kevbo Wow!! All the African countries take the first spot in birth rates, huh! No wonder is over populated and so poor. So people in these part of the world are either misinformed about the responsibility to raise a child, or simply they don’t have TV’s at home.

@robmandu What did you ended up doing on that night? went to bed early, huh!! How was night life there? I’ve heard in Europe the night begins at 11 and it goes well beyond 3am

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I’m sure the high infant mortality also plays a role. Equally interesting to me is the swath of low birth rates across eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics.

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