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Do you want to party on down for JLeslie?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30548points) November 18th, 2012

It’s time to get down and get funky! Let’s give it up for JLeslie! What a tremendous achievement!


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I’ll leave this here.

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Hey I’m the first to offer congrats for a change. The perks of being a weird night owl :)

40 K is a tremendous accomplishment. We really really like you.

I love all the interesting Qs you ask.

Congratumalations, Pal. You deserve it. Yippee ! !

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Congratulations on the amazing achievement of accumulating 40K of lurve! Well done @JLeslie. I agree with @Buttonstc you do ask fascinating questions.

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Happy 40k!
That’s a lot of clams in the bank of lurve!
Sadly I am off to bed, but, I’ll check in and make toast for those that have hangovers in the a.m. ;-)

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How exciting:)

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Wow! 40K Thank you for all your great answers, lovely demeanor and ladylike way of answering all questions. Hip Hooray!

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Congratulations, JL! We’ve prepared a special wing for you: dog- and smoke-free, clean, and warm!

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One of my all time favorite Jellies. I feel like you are a long distance relative. We really need to meet up somewhere one of these days. I even think our husbands would get along. Congratulations friend! Your helpful attitude and common sense are one of the things that make this place great.

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Superbly done!

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Gefeliciteerd. Je bent mijn favoriete Jelly.
(Niet verder vertellen!) :-)

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See kid, ta be successful here in da lagoon, ya need to know one word, “consistency”. Take dis @JLeslie gal fer example. Three questions in, many answers out. Day after day after day. She’s like a machine, I tell ya. And a hell of a nice gal ta boot. Listen, ya play yer cards right, and you’ll be lucky… LUCKY I tell ya, if you become half the jelly she is. Ya hear me?! She’s a shinin’ example. So show some respect, and wish the lady a happy 40k.

Congratulation @JLeslie. Yer one of da greats. salut !!

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Congrats to you, I like you even if you don’t like dogs (which I never knew and simply gleaned from Auggie’s response above).

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40Kongratulations! No mean achievement. You always have an interesting slant on life.

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Happy Happy 40k to one of my ultra-favorite Jellies! Muuuuuuaaaaaahhhh! xoxoxo

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations!!!!! :)

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Congratulations @JLeslie! Wow! What an accomplishment.
I love to read your point of view.
Go Green!

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Hey, hey, hey! 40K! Dayum!!

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Mazel Tov @JLeslie !

You’ve certainly worked hard to get here.

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Congrats JLeslie. Just don’t ask me to get in the golfcart with you. :)

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Quite the achievement! You’re a terrific, knowledgable, wonderful jelly. Thank you for your great answers!

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Congo Rats! You deserve this! WTFG!

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Whoop whoop! Congratulations JLeslie – so well earned, and so obviously appreciated by all and sundry! :)

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Con Grad – YOU – Lations ! ! ! ! ! !

AND WHAT @AstroChuck said.

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Wow, congratulations, @JLeslie!

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Massive congratulations :)

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Holy Guacamole !!!!!!!


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@jJLeslie That is fantastic. Your answers are always so sensible and sensitive.
Congratualtions on the 40 k.

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Congratulations, sweet lady!

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8:24 a.m. PST anyone want toast?

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40k, that’s absolutely awesome. Congrats!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Tardy but enthusiastic congratulations!

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Big big big congratulations on such a large amount of lure!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations, @jleslie. This is a testament to your sticktoitiveness and your love of fluther. Your voice is calm even in the most partisan issues. You are a listener. You are open and willing to share some amazing things about yourself. I am so glad that you are here.

Oh, and you send me more questions than any body else!

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Well, I’m late again, but at least got to the party in time to wish @jleslie a happy congratulations and a big hug. I’m sure you know the mansion inside and out, so I can’t surprise you, but if you look in the far west corner of the grounds you’ll find I’ve planted a special magic rosebush for you. Only you can make it be any color you want it to be. And you can change it with a wave of your hand!

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Congratulations JLeslie. You are a treasured Jelly around here!

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Whoa! So late to a great partay for a great Jelly. Congratulations! and thanks for your valued input.:-)

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Where is the guest of honor?

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Did no one invite her????

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Sorry I’m late! Congrats JLeslie, you’re an awesome contributor to the collective and I’m glad you’re around. Keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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We want 40L Lurve. Flutherses cheats us, Precious.

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Thanks everyone! Sorry to show up so late. Great party! I see all my favorite jellies came out, I hope you left me some food.

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Great, so now can we get nekkid?!

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CONGRATS! You’re a great jelly! : )

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@cookieman- I showed up nekkid. I thought this party was clothing optional.

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I’ll get nekkid, but only if the girls are getting nekkid.

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Nice going babes. Congratulations!

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Well done dear Les, I got lost somewhere in the jelly labyrinth and I was late for the party, I didn’t even see the invitations that were floating around! Congflutherations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Was outta town so just got here!! CONGRATS to a jelly I really respect!!!!!

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Wooo! Way to go, @JLeslie!

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Congratulations, 40,000 is alot of lurve, and I’m late again.

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Very very late, but congratulations on this milestone!

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