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Can't remember this tv personality, psychic/median or actress?

Asked by Iphone35 (134points) June 16th, 2008 from iPhone

bare with me here’s her description: brunette with blonde highlights/streaks, dimples smile, eyebrows similar to paula marshall’s but it isn’t paula, she appeared on a talk show maybe greg behrendt show, and she’s either a psychic or a median maybe even an actress though definitely tv personality. Keep in mind guessing will help if her description above jogs your memory, and of course she is lovely :-) . Any assistance is good.

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mrs. Cleo. ????

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I;m thinking since you said lovely, you don’t mean Sylvia Browne. You are probably thinking of the real life Allison DuBois upon whose life the TV show Medium is loosely based.

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bullseye, “Allison Dubios” it’s her I looked her up thanks marina.

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that don’t sound like Ms. Cleo.

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she knew you were asking this question!

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“Call for a free readin’”

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