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How can I find out if a boy likes me as a friend?

Asked by wolfhowler89 (11points) March 4th, 2014

There is this boy I like, and I live in a different state from him.One of his friends is on instagram, but I don’t know how to ask him if my crush likes me as a friend.

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First, let me point out that if you repeatedly specify, “As a friend,” everyone knows you wish for more.
Be friends with his friend who is on instagram. Tell him you want to make new friends, and ask him if you could get to know who he hangs out with, and be friends. If you want friends “As friends”, then why limit yourself to just the one guy? Who knows, you might get to know a whole group of really fun people. :)

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We will answer when we look at the damn question, asking us to answer won’t help.

Anyways, just effing ask him, teenage crushes don’t mean anything in the long term, you have nothing to lose.

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The only way you will know is by asking him. What is the worst that could happen if you ask him? What is the best thing that could happen? Weigh up these options and chose to ask or chose to let it go. Don’t hang about though or some other lucky person will snap him up!

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You really don’t know how to ask?

It’s his friend, not him. So why can’t you ask? I thought it would be easier to ask his friend than him directly.

Just ask him. There’s nothing to be shy about. His friend may give you the objective answer.

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Here’s what you yourself wrote four hours ago in answer to another question from 2009: about crushes and dreams: What does it mean to dream about someone you like?

“I once had a dream about my crush, he kissed me in one of them, and in the other nine dreams, he sat really close to me at lunch, even though his friends saved him a seat at a different table. All my friends said that if you have a dream about a boy, it means they feel asleep thinking about you.”

Ask him directly if he’d like to be friends. Simple and straightforward. Don’t hold your breath, however, about a romance with an out-of-state crush if you cannot determine whether you are even friends.

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Usually, boys like girls for the possibility of sex. If they think of you as a friend, they don’t go out with you on dates, they don’t try top kiss you, and they don’t try to get you in the sack by the third date. Just play it by ear. If the boy in question stays out of your body space (a 24” area around you, your comfort zone,) he’s a friend. If he keeps trying to get inside that zone, watch out!

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Are you interacting with this boy at all? If you are, you can probably tell if he likes you as a friend. Do you really mean does he like you as something more? If so, you might have to wait for more information.

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Just ask him! It’s much easier to do over the internet if you’re too scared to do it in person.

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I need more information. How do you know this boy? Have you spoken to him? Do you have a regular correspondence? What do you plan to do if it turns out that the boy does like you as a friend?

Our society makes it difficult for men and women to interact in a relationship of friendship. If two guys go to a baseball game, it is just two guys going to a baseball game. If a man and a woman go anywhere together, the tendency is to think of it as a date.

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