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What should I do on my 24th birthday?

Asked by marksonos (298points) May 17th, 2014

Tomorrow is my birthday and I feel very, very sad. Family problems, broken friendships and loneliness… What can I do alone in my birthday? I live in LA.

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Go to a steak house, and have a prime rib in the bar. Meet some new friends.

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How about a stroll on the Santa Monica Pier as Christine Lavin describes in this song? It might lift your spirits. (This video is a pretty poor rendering but you can hear it’s a happy song.)

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Happy birthday!
Go to a park and people watch, go roller blading, go to antique shops. Do stuff you usually don’t do. You probably go to a mall all the time, so don’t do that.

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Go to the Aquarium.
Go to the Getty Museum and the Getty Villa.

Get a deiicious meal near the ocean. Restaurants near the aquarium

Sit on the sand. Consider the beauty you have just seen. Do some soul-searching. Plan to re-order your life and priorities when you leave the country in three days. Being alone and being lonely are two very different things.

(vv Thanks).

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@gailcalled “Acquarium”??

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Go watch some entertaining performance that you enjoy – a ball game, a movie, a concert, a theatrical show, etc.

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You don’t really need to have friends around to make a birthday party. It’s your birthday anyway. You have full control over it.

Do what you like, maybe go out and enjoy yourself at any of the places everyone suggest, or stay at home and enjoy a movie, a book… Do whatever you like the most.

You can buy yourself a birthday gift. Something special, something that you really like or expect people to give you at your birthday.

But most of all, enjoy yourself to the fullest. Think that it’s your birthday party, you are the host and you are also the guest. It isn’t necessary to have people around to enjoy your birthday.

And the last word, happy birthday! Hope you have a great time.

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Hmm…go crazy and buy yourself stuff! or go paint balling!

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Take a bite out of the relenting heat and go Ice Skating then treat yourself to a yummy meal.

What kinds of food do you like? Los Angeles has it all, from Thai, to Mexican to Japanese, to Indian to Ethiopian, to Jewish delis to vegetarian restaurants.

Stay cool some more by going to a movie (yes, by yourself) and indulge in nachos, licorice, popcorn and bon bons.

I’m my own dream date!

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I’ve never been to LA, but going to a museum or a botanical garden is a great way to spend an afternoon by yourself.

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Happy Birthday :-)
Sleep in.

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Recipe for a happy (birth)day:

Run until you’re out of breath, eat well, learn at least one new thing, make plans, spend some time laughing, buy youself a present, and do something nice for someone else. Enjoy your day! :]

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