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Can I put a filling back in?

Asked by Kairi (794points) July 26th, 2014

I bit into something and a filling on my back tooth popped out. I still have it. Can I just try to pop it back in the cavity remaining there? Or should I wait for a dentist? It feels like a big cavity but I’m not so certain. The filling is small.

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There is probably leakage under the filling, a small crack or some shifting that caused the filling to pop out. If there is any discomfort (from heat and cold) or pain, or if you are worring the hole with your tongue, you can get some stuff to use as a temporary filling from the drug store before you see the dentist. But you must see the dentist.

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Its not bothering me. I dont even feel it, so I guess its okay until I can get to the dentist.

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No, you cant just put a filling back in however you can get temporary filling stuff from the pharmacy, but its generally not worth the bother if you can get to a dentist quite quickly. Bottom line, after the weekend, get to a dentist.

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A filling serves more purpose than simply pain prevention. The cavity will get worse, and your gums diseased by not seeing a dentist. The interior of the cavity will require cleaning, which involves changing the size and shape of the cavity. A new filling will be required. The one person I’ve known who tried to put a filling back, swallowed it with lunch.
(Things that make you go, “Hmmmm.”)

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That filling must be replaced in a sterile cavity. Going to your dentist is the only way

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No. Follow the above advice. It would be about as successful as trying to set your own broken bone. haha

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going to have to wait until I get the money to go to the dentist, because my insurance got cut off when work cut my hours on me. the cavity is still there

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