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Roll call, who's here?

Asked by Haleth (19494points) August 13th, 2014

pretty straightforward.

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What, I’m going to answer I’m not here? :)

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Present and unaccounted for.

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Don’t forget me!

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Don’t tell my boss.

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Lurking . . . always lurking.

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h e l l o

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Waddling by briefly.

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Sick, but I’m poking my head in for a bit to see who else is here.

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Like an eternal festering wound that refuses to heal, I shall not yield!

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In and out. Busy day.

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Here, there, and everywhere.

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Here occasionally.

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I am here when I am here, if I am not here, you will know it because I won’t be here. Certainly my questions to attest if I am here, so when you see a question on women fitness or fashion, you will know I am here without me having to even say anything.

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jca in da house!

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Here, but half-asleep.

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I’m in the neighborhood.

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Not here!

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I am here, but I was over there looking for a decent picture of Martin Clunes shoes, and swooning : P

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Here here!

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You can’t get rid of me that easily.

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Present and correct.

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Me, now and then :)

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Here for now.

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Here here!

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was here. here no longer.

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I’m not gathering any moss.

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Holla back, y’all.

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I’ve been on holiday with very expensive internet so wasn’t here much. I am here now but I am going on holiday again so won’t be here. I’ll miss you all when I’m not here and I will think about you every day :-P

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@Stinley Come back soon :)

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Still, and apparently forever.

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Easy to miss me. I’m in the back row and kinda short.

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HEre, 4 days later.

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I am here. My laptop is getting fixed. I am using my cell phone.

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I got out of my straight jacket and escaped the runner room, don’t tell anyone for they surely will try to put me back.

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my laptops is fixed but I prefer using the cell phone to answer questions.

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I Googled it (which is not a word also) but chose to do it anyway, gotta toss a bone out to make people happy ~~

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Me. Still and again.

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Same. I’m here too.

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Still here, not banned yet.

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still alive.

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@AshLeigh It’s been a long time right? :P

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Well, there you are then!

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I’m here with a toasted onion and cheddar cheese hoagie.
Or, or did you mean Herbie? I call him Herbie.

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