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If you could go only to one restaurant for the next five years, which would it be?

Asked by maybellekim (215points) August 28th, 2014


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Burger King, of course. Before they go to Canada.

Seriously, there’s no real answer. My taste changes hourly, if not daily. Sometimes I want salad, sometimes steak. No one restaurant can do everything well.

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KFC. I can never have enough chicken!

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Antonio’s Pizza, Amherst, MA

I know from experience that I could do this.

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If we are talking chain restaurants, probably Ruby Tuesday’s.

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Definitely chipotle

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Impossible to choose.
A toss up between mexican, Thai/Chinese and Italian. Hey, I’m a left handed, right brained blonde, don’t ask me to make spur of the moment decisions with longstanding ramifications. lol
I gotta be free!

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Probably Cheesecake Factory. They have a big selection of all types of food on their menu.

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Martin’s – Great Barrington, MA.

@hominid Thanks for the tip; I’ll check out Antonio’s sometime.

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Chow – Lafayette Eat healthy food three meals a day!


The Plant| Cafe Organic Delicious food and great variety.

Why would anyone choose some place where you could only eat junk or the same thing day after day?

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@jca Cheesecake is a good choice.

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Ditto Burger King.

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Any authentic kosher deli in NYC. Man, I’d eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there every day (except Yom Kippur).

Not one decent deli where I live. :(

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Oooo, Cheesecake Factory is a good one. I’d probably gain 200 lbs in those 5 years, but my taste buds will be happy.

My first thought when reading this was Taco Bell. Love that place…and I’d never have a problem with constipation…

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I’d have to go with Boston Market because they have a variety of dishes on their menu that I can eat. However if I had to eat out every day I suppose I would need a better exercise plan.

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@livelaughlove21 “Cheesecake Factory”

Given the portion sizes at that place, it might take those entire 5 years to finish a single meal!

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@SadieMartinPaul Don’t we get to store the leftovers and eat them later?

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Ruby Tuesday’s for me too. I LOVE their salad bar. And the rest of their food is great too. I haven’t been in so long as their isn’t one where I live now.

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I don’t know if my favorite restaurant is still there, but if it is, then Burk’s, in Baltimore. Or, the Atlantis buffet. GAWD! half a dozen flavors of cheesecake, Super salad bar, unlimited shrimp, self serve soft ice cream with a dozen or so toppings, NEVER out of chocolate cake, chefs and cooks to pray to. Roasts they slice onto your plate until you say stop.
Ohhhh Yeahhhh, either one!

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@zenvelo I ate at Chow two weeks ago.

Fro me, I’d find the best local Indian restaurant and choose that.

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@SadieMartinPaul Psht! I finish my meal every time I go there. This girl can put some food away, so no worries there.

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Probably my favorite Indian place in town. If not, this summer my boyfriend and I visited a place in Phoenix AZ he had seen on Man vs. food the night before. We would never normally do this but he said the sliders looked so good so we made a detour and went by. It was called “Chompy’s”. He had the sliders that were on the man vs. food challenge and they were good, but mine were better I thought—turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, a potato pancake, on a mini challah roll. HOLY SHIT! Unreal. I could eat those every day. (I would weigh a lot, very soon.)

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The French Laundry in Napa Valley. One meal a year would suffice; they have wines listed at $1,250/bottle. I’d like one sip before I die.

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Interestingly, that was my first thought as well.

However, I don’t have either the money or the time. Plus one needs to make reservations months ahead of time.

I’ll settle for Chez Panisse on the West Coast or Esca on the East Coast. I love fish but only when it’s prepared well. This guy is perfection personified.

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Morimoto, love this place

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@Buttonstc: I’d probably settle for one visit, since I’d have to factor in cross-country air fare, car rental, and hotel room. In truth, I’d probably be just as happy imaging the whole experience, while eating twice/weekly at our lovely little, organic, vegetarian local café.

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Longman & Eagle, chicago

Frankly I’m shocked by the amount of chain restaurants mentioned…

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Jo’s sushi.

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El Zarape or Plaza Mexico… can’t get enough Mexican!

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Celeste, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

No advertising.

No sign.

No reservations.

No website.

No credit cards.

Just flawlessly simple and honest Neapolitan cuisine.

If I could eat only one type of food for five years?

I could eat Japanese for five years without tiring of it.

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Honorable mention of Morimoto by @travisgrrr GA

And The French Laundry by @gailcalled GA

Burger King? The Cheesecake factory?? Ruby Freaking Tuesday???

People, life is short.

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@SecondHandStoke I don’t have much experience with posh cuisine. I know what I like and I ain’t taken a chance.

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Non-chain restaurants doesn’t mean it’s “posh”

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Actually, a good diner is an excellent choice, too. You can get anything from breakfast to soup to dinner to dessert, all at a reasonable price. You don’t have to dress up and you can be quick or you can linger for hours.

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@Silence04 No, that is true. But I haven’t found a non-chain restaurant in my limited exposure to them that I liked enough.

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