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How long could you tolerate staying home, assuming you've got no health conditions, before you get restless and feel an urge to go somewhere outside of your house/property?

Asked by jca (36043points) January 30th, 2015

Assuming you’re healthy, not recovering from any medical issue, how long would you enjoy being stuck in the house (maybe due to weather or something else) before getting an urge to go out, away from your property?

For me, I think two days can be fun, depending on the weather, and then I get restless to go elsewhere.

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Not even a full day.

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In the Summer I can find more things to do outside. Playing in the garden, landscaping, etc. In the winter after I feed the birds I want to go somewhere. Daytime TV sucks. What is it with that?

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When it’s my choice, I can stay home alone with the pups for days, puttering, reading doing projects.

When it’s weather or not in my control, (24 monitoring of a sick animal, for example) I go mad after one day.

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When it’s my choice I can last 3 days not going outside probably. If I can go outside, but have to stay on my property, I probably can last a week.

When it’s not my choice it’s more difficult. Within 2 days I would feel frustrated and caged.

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I have a history of staying at home all day for an extended period (Twice, I had to prepare for exams back then), so I think I can tolerate being stuck at home, for maybe… 1 month perhaps?

It’s not like I don’t like to go out or anything, I’m just used to being stuck at home for a long time.

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A day or so then I have to get out.

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I was home and content for the two days of the snowstorm this week. I had prepared with cooking projects, books and Netflix. By the third day, I was very glad to go to work.

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I’m a total recluse. I have no idea how long I could stay at home without going out because I enjoy being in my house and I’ve never hit the cabin fever point with just staying home.

However, like others, I get stir crazy if I am FORCED to stay home due to weather or a broken car or whatever. I will think of a million things I want or need to do then.

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About three days.

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Oh man! I can probably stay at home for weeks without getting bored! There is so much to do. I can entertain myself indefinitely with nature, projects, paperwork, etc.

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About five hours. Then I need to be outside, feel fresh air on my face, feel the weather.

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If I’m home alone, 3–5 days if it’s really cold or hot outside.
Home alone I’m probably good for 2–4 regardless of the weather.

If I’m not home alone, 2 days is pushing it unless it’s weather related.

I like to cook and read and I always have my internet. :)

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Under general circumstances, hours.

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If I’m doing it because I’m broke then however long it takes. If you mean I have money and can go out, then only a few hours to a day.

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I’m an extrovert by nature but also have a very self contained side. Living on rural properties for years and not being a young party girl anymore, I can happily hang around the house for days on end.
I am great at entertaining myself and living on a 10 acre ranch property with horses, donkeys, ducks, geese, cats, a dog and chickens and gardens, well…we often hang out for days on end. My favorite thing to do is sit in the sun and watch nature and the animals and just stroll around the property.

I do like going out to eat and going to the movies, getting a massage now and then, meeting up with friends for lunch and seeing my adult daughter, but…I’m not missing anything ”:out there”, I like my peace and space in these hills.

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I could got at least 2 weeks as long as I had internet :P

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About three weeks or more.

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Of my own free will, possibly indefinitely. I’m easily entertained and I’ve got a gajillion unfinished projects to work on.

And I’m kind of antisocial anyway. The company of people I like is nice. But I’m perfectly fine being alone.

Not of my own choosing, a few hours at best. I barely make it through the cable guy’s four hour window.

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The internet exists. It is true!

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Forever. It’s a gift most people are not blessed with. As long as I have the Internet, my wife, my pets, and my garden, I’d be happy never leaving my house.

I try to only venture outside to see a movie or go to a great restaurant. And unfortunately I have to work.

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Had you asked me this five years ago, my response would have been two days. I’m more of a home body these days. Assuming I’ve got all the food and beverages I need, a strong Internet connection and lots of games and puzzles to occupy my mind, I could probably last two weeks. I’d get the itch to break out after one week and give into it one week later.

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I consider our house and property wonderful sanctuary from a troubled world. I have a million things to do at home. I could stay home for a very long time and be happy about it. My wife dose all the shopping and I’ve been retired for three weeks now. Traveling is over rated but my wife loves to be always on the go. We’re actually vacationing in Puerto Rico now participating in a dragon boat race. I’s been pretty fun I suppose. I travel mostly just to please her. But honestly I’d rather just stay home with the cats. HA!

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I happily stay home all weekend at times, so I would guess about 4 days.

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As long as I have the Internet , Fluther , and food delivery. I can stay a month indoors.

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Not long. This is what I hate the most about winter—being trapped inside. On Tuesday there was a traveling ban due to the blizzard. I felt so trapped even though I had nowhere specific to go. By Wednesday, I had left my place before it was noon and just walked around because I wanted my freedom.

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Enjoy? 24 hours, max. Able to tolerate? 48 to 72 hours.

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What @keobooks said. I already spend many days on end without leaving the house and I don’t mind. We have a view and room to roam. All I need to be happy is food, comfort and family. As long as I have these things I can stay put for a long time.

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Given the abnormally cold weather and hyperthermia warnings from local weathermen, I am about to find out. The long range forecast includes 5”-8” more snow on Monday. Feb. 10 looks like a pleasant day…36˚.

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Months if I did not have to work or go out for supplies and other necessary tasks. I could literally rot at home!

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I had to get up, dress and get ready to meet the outside world for many years while I was in the workforce. now I am retired and many times I have to force myself to get out of the house. I am one of those people who like being home. I guess I am my own best friend. :)

I can always find things to do.

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Oh god, less than a day. If I’m stuck at home for some reason (snowed in, sick, whatever), I will find excuses to leave the house, even if it doesn’t make any sense.

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@BeenThereSaidThat Yes, being your own best friend is great. It is really important for personal growth to be content with your own company and at ease in just being, not obsessively needing to be doing, going.

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…and school closes again. I hope I won’t be trapped again tomorrow!

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Another snow day here in southern NY…...

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@jca: Here also, 90 minutes north of you. I see big gusts blowing the snow around. All schools closed, again, and everyone warned not to drive unless absolutely necessary.

Milo’s exercise units consist of standing at the open door from kitchen into garage long enough to raise my monthly heating bills and then coming back inside. His short-term memory is not so hot these days; several minutes later he is whining to go outside again.

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I’m on day 2. Yesterday was snow, today single digits. I’m perfectly content. Tomorrow is forecast 40°, so homeland security can’t last.

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