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How many tabs do you have open on your browser at this very moment?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) February 21st, 2016

I have 25 on this browser and 4 open on another. Add as much or as little detail as you care to share

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Wow…talk about multi-tasking. lol
I have 4 open.
Fluther, my email, ( friend sending pictures ) my homepage, youtube, ( watching dogs jump on trampolines haha ) but about to shut down and get out in the sun. :-)

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Four. I try and keep it under 10 because Chrome gets choppy on my machine if I have more than that.

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Nine. That’s probably about my average. It’s usually Fluther and Gmail, as well as my work email and any recent searches I did.

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2. Yahoo mail and this.

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@Coloma Half of the tabs are youtube music videos like this one After a brownie or 2 play them all at the same time and you are now having some real fun! ;)

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@Cruiser LOL.. OMG…I danced to that song in a dance class in 3rd grade. Man, time warp to the 10th power.
No brownies for me, It’s been a brownie dry spell for over a year, but I might indulge again pretty soon. I’ve earned a happy brownie break this year. :-)

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Oh forget it.Can;t link something.

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@Coloma That is priceless! :D (26 tabs now open)

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4. BBC, Fluther and a holiday cottage site (x2)

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But I had to completely shut the system down earlier today to uninstall and reinstall the damned Java. All the update did was eat stuff off my programs.

a sales report
a blow off tab to research stuff in

and a couple of things I keep thinking I’m going to buy, and don’t

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1. Youtube on a horror account
2. Tumblr
3. My college website
4. My online test essay questions
5. Sources I need for the essay questions.
6. Fluther

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Just this one. I rarely have more than three open at once.

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3: email, my planning/history calendar, and Flooder.

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Right now: 1 task and 2 screens.

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Still have 4 tabs open and one interfering pussy cat that wants lurve and keeps walking across my keyboard and smacking me in the face with her tail.

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Just one.

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@johnpowell Nice one with the JB dropping out tab! :D+5

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7. Still apartment searching…

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I’m looking at my friends families lodge here. Lets go have a wilderness adventure jellies, what say?

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13. Perhaps that’s unlucky.

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^^I think in Italy 13 is lucky if you want to just borrow that while you have 13 open.

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13 tabs over 2 windows

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Sometime I go wild and open a second one

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