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What kind of water do you drink and why ?

Asked by FlutherBug (1103points) August 31st, 2016

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know what kind of water everyone here drinks?

Bottled ? Filtered? Spring water? Tap ?

What is your preferred drinking water ? Do you care what kind of water you drink or no ?

Do you guys think that the quality of the water matters?

Just curious :) Thanks everyone.

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I drink tap water.

I avoid bottled still water as much as possible. I live in an area with an excellent water supply (from the Sierra Nevada), and fill my personal water bottle from the tap.

I prefer sparkling mineral water if I am eating, usually San Pelligrino, in a glass bottle.

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Filtered tap water is what I drink most of the time.

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Faucet. My county does a very nice job cleaning and recycling water from the Chattahoochee River and Lake Lanier.

Some bottled water tastes worse than the tap water. Dasani for one.

Maybe it’s me, but the whole expensive bottled water think is a major scam.

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Tap water.

I’ll occasionally buy some kind of sparkling mineral water but I’ve found it salty lately. The bottles are nice though :)

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Tap water. It runs very fresh and pure from the tap here. I buy bottled water only in emergencies.

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I have been drinking bottled water the last few months after decades of having delicious, Sierra evada well water. The new property I am living on, while rural, has city water and ditch water for irrigation. The city water sucks, it tastes like chemicals and I just can’t stomach it. I am planning on filtering it eventually but haven’t bought a filtering system yet.

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Tap water, unless on a plane or in a country where bottled water is recommended. As for why? It tastes fine, if not better, than bottled water. Oh, and we wouldn’t drink the tap water at the beach in North Carolina because it tasted awful and was slightly discolored.

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Tap water, coming from a local well.
When I lived in the Bay Area (Concord), we drank tap water filtered through a water softener (Delta water tastes nasty).

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Tap water at home and filtered tap water at work. I drink mostly water, one coffee and a couple of teas. And maybe some wine.

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Filtered tap water (Pur filter) or the bottled water at work (Arrowhead).

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So the water that comes out the faucet is safe to drink right…? I’ve been buying bottled water for the longest time so I’m seeing other options. Will probably just try tap water since it won’t kill me. I heard there’s fluoride in tap water and that isn’t good ?

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Yeah I think the bottled water thing is a scam also. Trying to see and figure out the different options. There’s so many. Thanks everyone.

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It sucks because sometimes when you drink bottled water you can taste the plastic. (Which I know isn’t healthy) and probably a scam since we get tap water for free… I think I’m going to stop buying Crystal Geyser. I usually just buy the big bottled waters from the grocery store.

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Even at places like Whole Foods they have super fancy water that’s like $10. I’m wondering if the quality of water really matters?

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I drink Ozarka Bottled. Yeah, I’ve read all the warnings but I don’t care. I haven’t liked the taste of unfiltered tap water since I was a kid and the PUR filter I tried on my kitchen sink left me cold luke warm.

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Tap water, or public fountain water. Bottled water is pure evil. I carry a refillable bottle from home if I need it to be portable.

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@dappled_leaves Why do you say Bottled water is pure evil ? Just curious. And yeah I’ve been hearing about that lately! There is a documentary on Netflix about the whole bottled water industry !

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Like @zenvelo we have excellent Sierra Nevada water (Hetch Hetchy). There’s usually a case of Calistoga sparkling waters in the garage that we go through every few months.

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That cold, wet, transparent stuff, bottled & served to the exact temperature of an eskimo’s nipples
Why? Because for

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@FlutherBug Most bottled water in the US is just tap water put into a plastic bottle. And that plastic bottle either gets recycled or in the landfill. And it is sold at an extremely high multiple of what tap costs.

Get your self a good metal water bottle like Kleen Kanteen, and just drink tap water.

Flouride prevents tooth decay.

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Tap water and sometimes from the hose if I am working outside.

For flavor I drink the sweetened sparkling stuff from HEB that costs $0.50/liter and comes in a wide variety of flavors. Yes they contain nasty chemical sweeteners but I like the taste sometimes.

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Tap water.

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I drink tap water mostly, but I like seltzer water, too, for the bubbles. It’s cheap, $0.89 for 2 liters.

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I drink tap water that I run through a filter (helps get rid of the chemical smell).

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I drink all of the above as our water is mostly municipal well water and though good varies greatly throughout the seasons. Winter is the best…summer the worst. Here at work I have a water service bring 5 gallon bottles for our water cooler again because the well in this city is iffy and too close to the old Kerr McGee plant for my own comfort to drink anything out of the ground here.

I bring jugs up to our lake cabin in Wisconsin to fill and bring home as it has a deep well and the best water I have ever tasted.

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Tap water. Even at the convenience store. I often carry a 32 oz foam cup with me, and I’ll fill up with ice and tap water for free. When I’ve used the cup several times I’ll recycle it.

@FlutherBug I have always had a contempt for the bottled water, with a very, very, VERY few exceptions. If people want to flat waste their money on something that is free, that’s their business. But I’ll bet 98% of those non-biodegradable plastic bottles wind up in the landfill. Or littering the campgrounds and parks. And that, I have a personal problem with.

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@FlutherBug What @zenvelo said, but also the fact that the companies that extract water for consumption where it isn’t even needed are sucking aquifers dry, even in drought conditions. This is where people get their water from. Once it’s gone, it can take thousands of years to replenish.

Think about the kind of industry you’re supporting the next time you buy a “cheap” bottle of water, instead of just turning on the tap. And then think what it’s going to cost all of us once we start running out of water.

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Filtered tap water. From the fridge .

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@Dutchess_III Foam is recyclable? I wasn’t aware of that. Will you provide more details? I would love to find a local source.

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Tap water no filter.

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Filtered tap. When I’m in NY or MI (two places I go back to visit fairly regularly, I usually drink plain tap no filter. NY especially has great water.

It’s not that I won’t drink unfiltered tap where I live, but FL water doesn’t taste very good.

As far as bottled water my preference is Panna, but I rarely drink bottled. Panna is a special treat at a restaurant once or twice a year. We buy supermarket brand bottled water or whatever is on a good sale of we need bottled water for road trips. We don’t drink regularly drink bottled water.

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Thank you everyone, you guys convinced me to stop wasting money on bottled water. I looked into it more online and it’s pretty clear. I can’t believe I’ve been buying plastic bottles from the grocery store all this time :(

Harvard on bottled water :

Looks like they’re scamming people

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I don’t have a tap filter either….. Will need to get one…. Or a brita….. We will get one soon :) I agree sometimes tap water tastes gross….. sometimes.

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Our city made a massive investment In pumps. There are 100K people using well water provided from the city. And we even have two rivers nearby with water that was snow six hours ago. Our water is so delicious you can’t taste it.

Oh, I helped my brother in law install one of the bring your own bottle water filling machines outside a supermarket. It was tap water ran through a really cheap filter. The filter in fish tanks do a better job of cleaning water.

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We drink filtered tap water here, because se can sometimes actually see the debris in the water. I have experimented with non-filtered ice cubes and filtered ones. You can see right through the filtered ones, but not the non.

Whenever I am out I drink only bottled water, sodas (no ice), or coffee.

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I drink a lot of tap water. We also have a cooler/filtration thing that we use in summer.
When I’m out and about, while I know I shouldn’t, I do sometimes buy bottled water. Mostly because I’m too damned disorganised to remember to take a bottle with me. However, I often do refill the bottles and drop one in my bag before I go out.

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I prefer bottled spring water. I most like the Winn Dixie, Publix, and Niagara brands. It all comes from springs in central Florida. I cook and make coffee with filtered tap water.

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I drink unfiltered tap water.

I like to live on the edge. :-)

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Supposedly, the filters remove some of the chemicals in the tap water. If you’re worried about getting “sick” somehow from the tap water, like what people worry about when visiting Mexico, the simple filters in refrigerators and Brita don’t protect you from that, the city treatment plant does. They are putting the chemicals in the water that the filter helps you take out. Some cities use and need more chemicals than others, but in the US, with some very few exception has tap water without worry of harmful levels of bacteria or parasites.

The filters help the water taste better too.

It’s really a pain when you can’t trust the tap water. Just washing fruit and veg you want to eat raw becomes a thing. Most bottled water drinkers in the US still wash their food with tap water. If it was laden with bacteria even that would carry risk.

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I do buy gallon bottles of generic spring water for the Keurig, though. Where I live the water has a lot of minerals in it and it would clog up that Keurig in a heartbeat.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I didn’t think it could be recycled either. However, I was looking it up under the name Styrofoam, which can’t be recycled.
After I learned the difference between Styrofoam and polystyrene foam (I just call it “foam”) I learned that non-Styrofoam foam products can be recycled.
I was glad to know this, because so much ftuff comes in foam clamshell containers and cups and stuff.

I called my city about recycling about a year ago. They dropped off a bin specifically for recycling which I set out for pick up every Tuesday.

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Filtered tap water. We use a multi-stage carbon block gravity filter. My old house was very close to the treatment plant so the chlorine content was off the charts. We even filtered our showers it was so bad.

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It kind of blows my mind that everyone I know that buys bottled water says their tap water “tastes bad.” I’ve drank water from all of their taps, and there is nothing “bad” about any of them, and I know bad water! The town I grew up in has a really high sulfur content in the water. It was nasty. Smelled like rotten eggs. I had to plug my nose to drink it, but drink it we did. Drank the water out of the hose too. It’s probably where I learned to plug my nose internally, which I learned that most people can’t do.
We finally got a water softener and that sure helped.

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People say bottled water is terrible, but what about bottled soda? I see more people with soda than water. I’d rather buy a bottle of water. I hate soda.

There are times when I’m out and I don’t have my own water, or my own water sat in a warm car so I buy a bottle when I’m thirsty.

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Whatever is currently on sale.

Prior to moving here, I always drank filtered tap water. But the water here has such a heavy concentration of minerals that it just clogs up everything and leaves residue. It’s absolutely horrible.

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I do have several flats of bottled water 35 bottles per flat that I buy when on sale for about $4–5.00 or $0.12 cents per bottle. I keep some in the freezer and the refrigerator to take up space and keep the refrigerator cold if the power goes out. They are handy if I have freinds over or if I am having a party. I also take a couple with me if I am going someplace where I will be outdoors for a long time. I always have at least 2 in my cars.
@jonsblond If I am thirsty I will drink the bottles in the car even if they are warm. I just can’t make myself pay $1.00 or more for a bottle of water when I have some warm stuff in my car that only cost $0.12 . I am too cheap. (Or maybe too thrifty, penurious, careful, conservative, etc.) :-)

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@LuckyGuy You put them in the freezer? and they don’t break/split from expansion?

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I’ll buy a bottle occasionally if I’m really thirsty and out shopping or something. Maybe I’ll take up @LuckyGuy‘s suggestion and keep a few bottles on hand in the car, too.

I can’t see why people drink bottled water at home if they have good tap water, though. Also, it’s almost like people take it as an insult if they go to someone’s house and are offered water and given tap water. I grew up on tap water and I find it worse to have millions of plastic bottles in landfills when tap water is usually good, if tap is convenient. For example, a coworker who lives in NYC posted a photo of his dinner (on FB) and had a bottle of water next to it. It makes no sense.

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Leaving water in the car in plastic bottles is a bad idea.

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I froze a gallon of water in its original plastic container. Although there was some bulging, it didn’t break or split.

The container was about a shot-glass short of being full, which accommodated some of the expansion.

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I just looked at the recycling symbol on the container. Its numerical value is 2 and HDPE is embossed below the triangle.

I guess HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene.

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Hi, I usually drink and prefer filtered water. Actually, I do not care much about which kind of water I drink. However, I limit the bottled one.

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BTW, I am SO glad to hear others come out in opposition to bottled water. I’ve fought so many battles against it on here, and it’s always been me against 10 other people who can’t imagine life without it.

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@zenvelo Yes I keep flats in the freezer. I have never had one break.
When I have a party I mix a few of them in with other pop cans in the coolers. They help keep things icy cold and melt slowly. Some guests prefer the frozen ones so they can sip cold water for a long time..

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I’m not a fan of bottled water either and hate the extra expense and hassle but trust me, the water here at my new place tastes like shit. It is what it is. Oh well. I recycle the bottles but I drink a LOT of water, 4–5 bottles a day so I buy the big flats of 35 for a cheap price like @LuckyGuy mentions.

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If you recycle them, it’s cool. 99% of the people don’t, though. And they seem to think it’s OK to just throw them on the ground when they’re done with them. That’s what most of the litter consists of anymore.

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I see 20 oz water bottles in the garbage all the time. I hate that. I think the bottle deposit should go up to 25 cents, up from 5 cents, and then maybe people would be more conscientious about recycling water bottles.

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@Dutchess_III If you recycle them, it’s cool.

It is more cool if you don’t buy bottled water at all. Get yourself a metal water bottle refillable millions of times over. That way you keep plastic out of the product stream completely, and you will help discourage the whole business.

I will buy you one if you cannot find one in Kansas.

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I agree @zenvelo. I’ve never bought bottled water. I keep a 32 oz foam cup with me and get free refills of ice and water. When people leave them lying around my house, I clean them and fill them with water and stick them in the fridge.
But if people think they have to buy them, at the least they should recycle them.

If people would get their shit together and just stop buying the water all of those problems would disappear @jca.

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a filter on the faucet
gives me really good clean and tasty water

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Gosh. Had some acquaintances over to our camp site. They told the kids not to drink out of the water pump at our site because it was nasty. They went and looked in the fridge, and found some plastic bottles that once contained pop that I had cleaned out and filled with. They gave them that “safe” water to the kids to drink. I had filled them with water from the pump.

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