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The last episode of The Big Bang Theory was 18:33. Does this bother you?

Asked by johnpowell (17848points) January 25th, 2017

A few years ago the average length for a 30 minute show was 22 minutes when you subtract commercial. This crap show is nearly half commercials now.

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I used to really like the show in the beginning but once they started with the various dating issues I lost my enthusiasm.
I can’t stand all the commercials. They destroy my interest in the show. I’ll watch it on Netflix or Amazon when it gets there in a couple of years.

I also have trouble with the incessant, excessive laugh track. They use that crutch too often.

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When the show started it was also directed at smart people and had intellectual jokes.

How much of that 18 minutes was laugh track?

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I can’t abide commercials and I don’t watch them. If a programme has commercials I watch a recorded version so I can skip the sales pitch.

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I still like the show, but not as much as I used to. A little too much relationship stuff. I don’t mind that the guys are in relationships, but it’s just a little too heavy on it.

I hope they do some funny science stuff regarding the baby, since there is a baby now. So far, the grid on the baby room floor was a little stupid.

I don’t like so many commercials. It’s getting ridiculous.

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I gave up on commercial TV years ago. If a commercial comes on, I change the chnnel, probably don’t come back to that show. I have no patience to be insulted.

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Here is 4 minutes of a random Big Bang show without a laugh track. Totally different feel.

@JLeslie Yes. The grid on the floor was more than a little over the top and made them all look stupid. They could have moved the furniture a little and have him walk over it.
I expected them to put a stiff piece of some exotic (expensive) metal on the floor that would have distributed the load – a real engineering approach that would have cost a fortune. Later, B’s father would come over with his battery powered drill and some deck screws and fix it in 3 minutes at a cost of $1. .

I was surprised at how wide Howard could spread his legs.

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I ignore the commercials and use the time to get things done but I agree it is irritating that the shows have become shorter. And that the quality of the humor has deteriorated over time.

I think this is systemic within the television entertainment industry. So that works out to four segments of show lasting about 4½ minutes with 2½ minutes between each segment. 62% show – 38% commercial. To quote our dear president “Sad”,.

The ones that really bother me are those that feel the need to recap the show after each commercial. I figure that by doing that they only have to come up with a maximum of 15 minutes worth of show each half hour.

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@rojo Yes! The recap is incredibly annoying. In addition to that the beginning of some shows have teasers, like talk shows, and I find that annoying too. I fast forward through all that garbage.

Barbara Walters once said on The View that when she is here (meaning on The View set) she loves the connection with the audience and the applause, but when she watches the show on TV the applause are annoying. Lol. I always loved her honestly.

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Kill your television

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Mythbusters was the worst with the recap. There was actually a youtube channel with all that garbage removed. Each episode was under 30 minutes.

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