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Spicer resigned. Is the White House imploding?

Asked by chyna (46921points) July 21st, 2017 from iPhone

Have this many White House aides or employees quit in any other administration? And has Spicer ruined his career by working for Trump this long?

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The fall out rate is faster than any other administration, but it is a White House that seems to embrace chaos.

Sean will never find another job where he is so visible, and I doubt he wants one.

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I think I’ve mentioned that Sean Spicer lives a few blocks from my home? This morning, my husband joked that we should stop by, perhaps with a pound cake or floral bouquet, to ring his doorbell and congratulate him for the best career move he’ll ever make.

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Talk about the job from hell. Anyone tasked with placing a positive spin on the behaviors of Trump and his minions is on a suicide mission without parallel. It is a particularly humiliating and soul destroying job having to daily confront a room full of rational people and proffer clearly ridiculous claims in support of an ignorant yet egomaniacal narcissist. Trump’s press secretary must portray incompetence as brilliance, ignorance as genius and moral turpitude as “sound business”. There is no hope for achieving this of course, and the only success to be realized in the attempt is in the rapid evaporation of self respect and personal integrity on the part of the spokeschump. Spicer will always have a job somewhere. There are those who regard the hopeless sacrifice of his own self respect as a noble thing.

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FACTS: I think sometimes we can disagree with the facts… But our intention is never to lie to you.

THE INAUGURATION: This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration—period—both in person and around the globe.

COVFEFE: The President and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.

He will be missed.

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Melissa McCarthy will miss him.

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No. Just re-arming.

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Trump isn’t a leader or manager, he’s a boss who loves chaos.

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Rats deserting a sinking ship. At least Nixon’s people were willing to take a fall for him, I don’t see the Chump team going all out like that.

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^^ The rats under Nixon were subpoenaed, and it was the evidence some of them gave under extreme legal pressure that enabled the Watergate Senate Investigation Committee to subpoena Nixon, which led to his resignation.

They haven’t found enough evidence of collusion of the rats yet, so we aren’t there and may never arrive. Nixon went through most of his upper-level staff, three Special Prosecutors, two AGs, two FBI chiefs and two VPs before they finally got him. And Trump is not as smart, or highly trained in law as was Tricky Dick.

This has just begun. Sit back and enjoy your constitution at work.

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Maybe some day they can write a book, “All the Emperors Men”.

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OOPIES my underwear is showing!


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Maybe. For now enjoy the Musical Chairs.

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I’m actually worried. The new guy is so slimy but I think his base will eat it up. He is basically Trump with a solid vocabulary and no shame.

Dude can totally lie with a straight face. Watching the presser today I was thinking Joseph Goebbels.

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What gets me is that if people are leaving the Trump team, because they don’t want to be associated with Trump, because let’s say they believe he puts the country at risk, then how can they not give details of what is going on? One problem I see is when things are leaked to the press, then the whole world finds out, and in some cases it’s probably better for the world not to know how unstable the president and his administration is. I’m not saying people should keep their mouth shut, I’m saying the press seems less able then in the past to keep their mouth shut, when sometimes it’s warranted.

What is Spicer saying? What’s his reason for leaving? All I read was he didn’t want to stay on with the terms and conditions Trump required.

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I really don’t think that this signifies anything. It might be that he disagrees with Trump, it might be that he just doesn’t like the job, it might be that he got a better offer. As for many of the others in the Trump administration, remember a bunch quit because they were Obama appointees and wouldn’t work for Trump. It means nothing when someone like that quits.
Besides,Obama went through three press secretaries and a number of other aides/assignees. No one brought up questions of whether it indicated something about his administration crumbling.

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Spicer resigned because he didn’t like the new Communications director that Trump hired, Anthony Scaramucci. Spicer was wanting that job. Scaramucci is a NYC hedge fund manager.

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@chyna Oh. Then for sure I’m with my first answer. The Democrats love to see every little thing as a sign the Trump presidency is falling apart and doomed, but I don’t think it will happen so fast. I definitely don’t think Spicer leaving is part of any falling apart.

Certainly, some of the other things going on we should be investigating and pursuing.

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Out of curiosity…how many staff members quit or got fired in Obama’s first 6 months?

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I think “getting fired” is different as it’s typical for newly elected politicians to get rid of the previous administration and put in their own people they can trust, @Dutchess_III.

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egad. Why not just LISTEN to what Spicer and others say in interviews?

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^^What are you referring to?

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Spicer and his successors have spoken quite a bit on the subject. I read forty-something responses here, and most people speculate but are absolutely clueless.

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I was clueless. Lol. I never looked much into it, because I didn’t think the sky was falling when he quit or was fired, or whatever. For me it was just another disturbance in the White House. These things happen to some extent in all administrations.

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Everything I saw was positive, warm, and amicable. Spicer remains on good terms with the Trump team. I’m sure he was jaded by all the onslaught of negativity from the news media.

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@Yellowdog I wouldn’t trust outward appearances to be the truth of the situation. I wouldn’t trust that in any situation like this that is such a part of the public domain. It might be amicable, it might not. It doesn’t matter much to me either way. I think even if they both agree he should leave, still, something happened, and in my mind most likely there is some strife there.

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@Yellowdog Have you ever noticed the frequency with which Trump bitterly complains on the inability of his subordinates to convince the public to marvel at his supposed greatness to the extent he does himself. The man is SO delusional that he like you actually believes the unprecedented levels of loathing embroiling the fool to be an invention of the liberal

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Trump was insulting Spicer right and left lately. Of course they look positive, warm and amicable, @Yellowdog. Spicer is happy he’s leaving and Trump is happy Spicer is leaving. Maybe they even told Spicer “resign or be fired” and so this is the result. Everyone is happy and they’re all putting on a big, happy act.

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@Yellowdog What I told @JLeslie up there what was reported by Spicer. The next day, Spicer put a different spin on it. My take is that Trump probably told him to put a better spin on it or he would never find another job in the United States.

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Scaramucci. Isn’t that a character in an Italian Opera?

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@Espiritus_Corvus: I’m hearing Queen now.

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LOL. Mama Mia! Scaramucci! Mama Mia! Scaramucci! Mama Mia, Mama Mia, Mama Mia!

Now try getting that out of your head.

Yeah. Here it is: Scaramuccia (literally “little skirmisher”), also known as Scaramouche or Scaramouch, is a stock clown character of the Italian commedia dell’arte.

LOL. Little skirmisher. How appropriate.

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To practice good leadership one should endeavor to surround oneself with the best and the brightest. Why, then, do the members of this President’s administration look so much like the President?

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My Mom used to say: money doesn’t buy taste.

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Maybe Mr. Trump is hoping for a do-over 191 days into his term…

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