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Are there any males here that have a female primary physician?

Asked by rockfan (9266points) December 5th, 2017 from iPhone

If so, how has your experience been? I’m a guy who’s about to see a female doctor for the first time. I chose a female doctor because where I live, there is an abundance of male doctors that don’t listen and are really hasty with how they explain things. I may be stereotyping here, but I have a feeling a female doctor will be the opposite. Your thoughts?

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Yes, I have a female doctor, and for the same reason as you. My male physician was considered an excellent internist, to the point that a local magazine called him best in the area.

But after repeated visits where he didn’t listen and blew off concerns, I looked for a new doctor. My new doctor is young (under 35) and checks in with my emotional state while examining me.

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Pretty much the same answer as @zenvelo.

I’d gone to a well-regarded male doctor for years. He was very good but abrupt with zero bedside manner.

As he’s gotten older, he’s been focusing more on teaching and thus brought on a couple of younger, female associates.

I saw one of them when he was out of town a few years ago and really liked her. I now see her all the time.

I find her to be more attentative and follows up on my concerns more — plus, she’s easily as talented as he is.

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My current doctor is a woman, as is my previous doctor. Both have been great. But the first doctor I saw after moving to the South was also a woman, and she never listened to anything I said. She prescribed a medicine I told her I wouldn’t use—I had specifically made the appointment to get a replacement and didn’t find out she had prescribed it anyway until I got to the pharmacy—and refused to believe parts of my medical history. When I described it all to my mother, she asked if the first doctor was Indian. Nope. Blonde, blue eyes, white skin. But the excellent doctor I replaced her with? As Indian as it gets. So yeah, be careful with stereotypes.

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I haven’t had a personal physician for about five years… since the female doctor I had at the time decided to move (because her husband had changed his job and had to relocate) out of state. I miss her; she was one of the best doctors I ever had: she was bright and cheerful – and she had a wicked sense of humor. Aside from that I had no particular way to gauge her effectiveness, since I didn’t have any health issues that needed addressing, so I only saw her about once a year or so for an ‘attaboy and a wave.

The question I’m left with from the response above mine is… “feather, or dot?”

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My current primary care physician, is male. He is excellent at listening to me, and being considerate.
If I had to get a new doctor, I wouldn’t consider the gender of the physician, as a variable in my decision making. I might prefer a female…

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I’m a young guy with a middle-aged female primary physician. At first I thought it would be awkward having her examine me and everything, but I don’t seem to care. My complaint about her is that the last time I saw her she seemed to be rushing a bit. She wasn’t impatient but I could tell she had something else on her mind. Other than that she’s been great, but I’ve never had a male doctor other than dealing with them briefly, so I can’t really make a comparison.

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I have been visiting male doctors so far. Previous doctor used to be in a rush and didn’t listen much. So I switched to another male doctor who’s older than previous one. He’s excellent and listens to all my concerns carefully and try to address them. He’s been more like a friend to me despite of the age difference.

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I prefer female physicians. I find them easier to confide in, and they are better listeners.
Many male doctors think they are Gregory House. It’s more than being unshaven and having a dismissive, surly temperament.

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My primary doctor is female, and pretty awesome. She listens to everything I have to say, asks a couple questions, then treats whatever the problem is in the simplest manner she can. Sometimes I wish she gave a little more feedback, but she’s always responsive to questions if I can find ways to communicate them.

I think that’s the biggest thing really, you have to learn to advocate for yourself and tell them what you need in terms of explanation, treatment, or whatever works for you. Then find a doctor who’s ok with that. Saying you don’t understand shouldn’t be a challenge to their expertise.

I’ve seen a ton of doctors in the last year, and I don’t think there’s a big difference just on gender, but there’s definitely a difference in focus. For some, there’s a schedule, and the patients happen to be on that schedule, but the schedule runs the day. They tend to be on time (or aware they’re late), efficient, and have a cohesive process with their staff. They run “a tight ship”. I’ve had to schedule another appointment to discuss secondary concerns for example, it wasn’t on the schedule and we didn’t have enough time allocated.

Others have patients and the schedule is secondary. They will spend as long as it takes, and commit to take the same time with all the other patients as well. It can take a lot longer to get in and out, and they can be late, but it’s not hurried.

Most people have a preference between the two approaches and I think should find a doctor that matches their focus when they can.

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I hope I am not derailing this question? but I’ve found most female doctors to be quite brusque and the male doctors mostly more caring. I don’t think you can base their approach on their sex, although in my case I find female doctors quite rude.

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@LornaLove But notice that the experience of several other people answering this question is the opposite. That’s why the plural of anecdote isn’t data. We all have a vanishingly small sample size, which means we don’t have grounds for drawing broad conclusions about the relationship between a doctor’s sex and their personality.

@CWOTUS She is from India.

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@SavoirFaire Agreed and that is why I mentioned my experience lately. It really doesn’t make any sense on such a small ‘universal’ sample, but anyway, it would be sexist and ignorant to make judgments of people based on their sex, of course.

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My husband and I see the same GP, and she happens to be female. He prefers a female physician as he claims they listen better than male physicians. I haven’t had that experience, but he has.

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What difference does it make what the gender of the physician is?

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I’ve been worried about that. I know that nurses sometimes chaperone during the genital exam, and personally, that makes it more uncomfortable

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Yes, that happened to me once. The doctor was there and the younger nurse, both getting a first-hand look at wingus and the ping-pong boys. I didn’t love it, but I don’t love going to any kind of doctor/dentist, whatever it may be, so I was in “medical mode” and wasn’t really thinking about the awkward factor.

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As a male, it might be uncomfortable to present problems with your goodies to a female doctor. I have a female PCP and she is quite professional and quite good.

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