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How to pick a budget HDR TV for gaming?

Asked by TheSpiderWeb (153points) December 5th, 2017

I am trying to find a decent 4k TV that has HDR game mode but none of the retailers tell you such info and I am confused by hdr10 and hdr1000.

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What you want is a TV that features 240 Hz., which relates to the speed the pixels can change without leaving a ghost trail image. TV’s usually come in 60Hz., 120Hz., and 240 Hz., if my memory and info is correct.

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I have found a good TV (for the price anyway) but it has Dolby vision and I heard that you have to pay a fee or have a special license for Dolby Vision. Or is only for manufactures?

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@TheSpiderWeb That’s only for the TV manufacturer.

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There’s also often an image with lag added by modern TVs because they are computerized and designed around a stream of video data like a movie, where it doesn’t matter if there is a delay in showing image/audio data, so it can buffer/process or whatever for some time. Of course, for games, that sucks because if the video/audio comes in, you want to see it immediately not have an added delay, or else you won’t be able to respond to the action as it happens.

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