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Wondering what it take between mom and dad to get blue eyed children?

Asked by MooCows (3198points) May 13th, 2018

My husband has the most beautiful blue eyes that he got from his mother. I have hazel green eyes. I so wanted our sons to have those blue eyes but neither got them. Will I have any blue eyed grand children?

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Could be, but the chance wouldn’t be so high. Blue eye’s gene isn’t a dominant one and it would very likely be crushed by other more dominant genes, as seen from your sons. You can only hope that somehow there is no dominant gene that interfere with the blue gene your children are carrying.

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There is a very good chance (50/50) if one of them marries a blue eyed girl that your grandkids will have blue eyes.

My ex has hazel eyes; I have blue eyes. My kids eyes are bluish grey.

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Very possible. If your kids marry blue-eyed people the chances go up. If they marry brown-eyed people then it depends on whether that brown-eyed person is recessive for blue eyes, the the kids have chance. If the brown eyed person has no recessive blue-eye genes then you’re out of luck.

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In order to have blue eyes you have to have two recessive genes. In order to have brown eyes you have to have AT LEAST one dominant gene- you can have two dominant genes or one dominant gene and one recessive gene.

So, its possible that you have one dominant and one recessive gene and if you get with a partner that has blue eyes you could either pass on the recessive or the dominate gene. If you pass on the recessive gene then your baby would be blue eyed, if you pass on a dominant gene your baby will be brown eyed. Its also possible to have a blue eyed baby if you get with a partner with brown eyes if both of you have one dominant and one recessive gene and both pass on the recessive gene.

Eye Color Calculator

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Eyecolor is hard to predict as there are more than a dozen genes at play. It’s not really like what we were taught in school.

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Another thought…When I was in my 20s, my next door neighbors were both brown eyed. Their son was born with the most beautiful green eyes. His eyes were so pretty that they were the first thing you noticed about him. Trying to be funny & entertaining, people you look him & say “Mommy & Daddy have brown eyes; so where did your green eyes come from?” By the time that child was 3 he wouldn’t allow anyone to look at his eyes. When he met somebody new, he’d either cover his eyes with his hands or close them & refuse to open them until the person was gone. They finally took him to a therapist & was told that he didn’t understand that people were trying to be funny & he was embarrassed that he didn’t belong to Mommy & Daddy. I personally believe in accepting what you’re blessed to receive. I think we’re skirting dangerous territory when we try to genetically alter our children in order to have a designer baby. I’ve seen some beautiful brown eyes in children in my lifetime!!!

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@zenvelo my parents had the same. One parent with blue eyes, one with hazel. Out of 4 kids they produced 2 brown eyed kids, one blue eyed and one hazel. You never know what you will get!

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