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What new smartphone features would you like to see?

Asked by Jeruba (49786points) January 21st, 2019

Just for fun.

How about this? An app that disables photos of pets and grandchildren on any other phone within six feet of you.

(Admittedly I’m not a smartphone owner myself, just an occasionally cornered audience.)

Your turn.

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I’d like one with legs so when I lose it I just have to whistle and it will run towards me.

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A capability so that if my daughter is sitting in the passenger seat of the car and I’m driving, she is unable to send text messages.

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The ability to totally turn off tracking.

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I want my phone to deliver a powerful electric shock to anyone phoning me from obscure area codes day and night.

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De-activating drivers’ phones, please. After falling for decades, motor vehicle fatalities are rising and I have no doubt about the cause.

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Automatic deactivation at dinner tables and in theatres.

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I dislike smart phones, but will jump on the band wagon when they add a real taser option.

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Anything that addresses telemarketers—ideally some system that bankrupts them, like a global robotic DDoS targeted at any spammer’s call center.

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I would like to see a thermometer in them.
Nokias from 15 odd years ago (a certain Active/Rugged model) had it, and it would be quite convenient for me.
Can’t be that hard, now can it?
So, if you are listening, Huawei (they are)?

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@rebbel, of course they are. All your electronic devices are spying on you. You didn’t suppose otherwise, did you? And we are good and hooked. Even rental scooters have two GPS’s to track them while they capture the kids’ cellphone data.

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@Jeruba Yeah, I expect them to be,or should is say, suspect.
But if that means they’ll throw in a thermometer, I’m a happy puppy.
I’ll just do some detours every now and again, to throw them off.
And search for stuff that doesn’t fit my demographic and that I’m not really interested in:-)
Like MAGA caps.

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Ones that automatically disable themselves when the engine starts.
Ones that automatically objectively critique your selfie.

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I’d like a geiger counter.

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I want my iPhone to let me put my husband as a little icon on my first screen, so I can click and it dials his phone or texts him (however I set it up). My husband, or whoever I want to put there. My Samsung has that ability.

I want my phone to have a thermometer also. I’ve been saying this since I got my first smartphone.

I want to be able to set it so if I play music it automatically switches to airplane mode, or some mode that will not interrupt the music.

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You guys who want thermometers, do you want to check the ambient temperature, or do you want it to take your temperature? (And why?)

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Ambient temperature.

When my Zumba room says 71 and it feels like 74, I wish I could check it.

Also, sometimes I want to know how cold a fridge is. Like at a hotel, is that little fridge really cold enough for my leftovers?

Or, a temperature difference from the sun to the shade just steps apart.

Plus, when I lived in TN my property felt over five degrees cooler than just 2 miles away in the same city. Something would happen when we would turn a certain corner on Huff and Puff Rd. (Yes that was the real name of the road). I wonder how many degrees it really was.

I used to have a little thermometer and compass thingy that I would keep in my purse. I probably still have it in a junk drawer.

I keep a tape measure in my purse. Every so often I pull it out to measure something. It’s fun and funny.

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I have some crazy wishes for futuristic smartphone features that I hope will someday come true:

- 3.5mm headphone jack
– removable/swappable battery
– rubberized, grippy plastic back and sides
– flat screen so glass screen protectors can go to edges
– reasonable prices
– decent sized bezels – not to the edge of phone
– wider screen ratios, rather than 18:9 horseshit

Futuristic stuff indeed.

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I would to see materialized 4D hologram projection for videochat and similar things. I would like super smart AI that is directly linked (with a tool, perhaps) to our brain and make automatic decision on our phone without even the need for touch or voice command. I would like camera lens that could also work as a multifunctional portable telescope and microscope. I want the phone to also work as taser for self-protection in emergency situation.

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One that tracks what you buy and not just the price.

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A true on/off switch for the camera and microphone.
Sure, you supposedly turn them off in the settings but do you really think they’re off?

I guess that’s why all the people I work keep a piece of tape over their laptop camera.

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High powered police radio jammer.

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