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What is a good job transition for a big man?

Asked by Patty_Melt (16643points) July 21st, 2019

I’m compiling a list.
What sort work can a big, strong, forty year old man get into with a minimum of training?

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Here is what I came up with.
Pool boy
Vegas show beefcake
Nursing assistant
Farm hand
Cannabis clerk

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Local DOT

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Circus freak.
Glue some more chimp hair on your body, and you can be the human gorilla.

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First off, if you understand the context behind this question, I don’t think you will find joking so funny and appropriate.

Second, thank you so much for asking Patty. You are helping a life here :)

Third, I second Patty’s list. I especially like trucker and nursing assistant. At least they are jobs that don’t involve much anger. But to be a nursing assistant, some training is required.

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Rather than do the work he is used to doing maybe he could train others instead? I’m sure he has lots of tips and experience to pass on.
Good question @Patty_Melt

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For what it’s worth, I moved from nuclear power to delivering beer and wine. The pay wasn’t the same…not even close…but the job is very low stress and required basically zero education.

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I think there’s a fundamental issue here – what skills does the guy have? What does he like to do? What is he good at?

It’s dandy to say that he might be a truck driver- but does he like driving? Does he have a license?

This question, without more context, can’t be answered.

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What about becoming a bartender??? For the mix drink bars, there would be some training required to know how to properly mix the drinks; however, some sports bars mainly serve various brands of beer & you only need a good attitude & a charming personality…a decent bartender can make really good money!!! With the same attitude & personality becoming a waiter is another job that pays fairly well. The best thing about both bartender & waiting is that they can easily become a good part-time job when you find a better day job…makes a decent safety net!!!

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Caring for animals often requires minimal training. Shelters, riding stables, or zoos all need people who can do some heavy lifting.

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The training is paid and the regular job pays better than say 90% of jobs requiring a degree.

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Work in a gym. He’ll be around people who appreciate his physique and he’ll have lots of time to work out.

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The first question is what skills does the man have presently, is he willing and able to go back to school if needed for training if needed, and what is the job market like where he lives for that particular career? Multiple questions here, actually.

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Why restrict because of his size?
Intellectual Careers ( Lab, physics, Chemistry etc)
Media work
Security Guard
Physical fitness trainer
Martial arts
Lab tech
Astronomy fields
Bus driver
Post Office worker
so many more…

There are vast careers that are not barred from a big person, too long to mention.
Writer etc

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Don’t worry about the details.
We can sort through that later.
Just include everything that fits the details

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@LadyMarrissa . That’s what I’ve been trying to do (bartender.) But so far, I’ve only been offered jobs, at really rough spots. They want me to break up fights, throw people out, etc… That is what I am trying to avoid.

I think I would be a great bartender, and in Charleston SC, they can make lots of money. But it’s been harder to get into, than I thought. I have a reputation for being a great bouncer. So everyone wants me for that:( I may have to go to a nasty bar, just to get some experience. But, I don’t want to fight anymore. That’s my problem. Some of these bars, I would just have to….. Like I said, it’s a fucking curse. I wish I didn’t care about hurting people. It would make my life easier. But I’m tired of it, and have nightmares about hurting people. I can remember almost every bone I’ve broken, on a man. The dreams are awful. I can feel their bones, and ligaments breaking. And I see the pain in their faces…. It’s like PTSD, or something….:(
I’ve been puched, stabbed, shot at etc, but it’s the hurting people that sticks in my head… I just want to be a normal person… And be able to pay my bills….

There are some strip clubs, where I can make lots of money bouncing. But I don’t like the work. If I ever did…

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@MrGrimm888 Maybe I was just lucky, but I didn’t have a difficult time getting the bartender’s job. I began as a waitress & then transitioned over when their current bartender left. I doubled as the bouncer as well & I never had to fight with anyone. Just because you have the ability to break someone’s bones, it doesn’t mean that has to be your first line of defense!!! Drunks love to argue & I would talk & walk smiling all the way to the door. I even agreed that it wasn’t fair that they were being picked on & they really weren’t drunk. Once I got them to the front door, I’d step outside while still talking to them & they always followed still arguing. Once they were outside, I’d grab the door & step back inside, locking the door behind me. Drunks also have a short attention span & will get mad & go to another bar where they appreciate their business. I had many a bad ass guy come back the next day & thank me for being so polite to them while expelling them from the situation. I aso had the benefit of being a female & most knew that it wasn’t manly to hit a girl!!!

No offense; but with your temperament lately, bartending might be a really bad idea for you right now!!! For reasons that only you understand, you seem to be looking to hurt someone & that won’t work well while being a bouncer…it could lead to a lawsuit!!! When you’re in a good mood, you have a GREAT personality, so have you tried being a waiter??? A decent waiter at a decent restaurant can make several hundred dollars a day. Being in Charleston, you could probably make more by turning on the charm…you don’t have to like them to smile at them!!!

The OP was asking for ideas & I had always made good money waitressing or bartending & it’s not gender specific, so I offered them up for consideration. We have a waiter at our local Waffle House & he frequently makes $150 per shift…not bad during a transition period!!!

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^That’s not my reality. I have a reputation for being a good bouncer. That’s actually hard to find. I have been a waiter too. The money wasn’t worth how I was treated. If I wanted to hurt people, I could be living large. But I’m resigned to not do it anymore. Thanks for your input. But, it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t know of your experience with drunks, but mine is different. I usually have to work in rough places. If you haven’t had a gun, or knife pulled on you, you’re working in better places than I was. I have always been the “cooler,” and have stopped many of my guys from hurting people. But sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Although I consider each violent confrontation, a failure on my part. They occur….

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