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What would most likely be your occupation in life if you lived during the Wild West era?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28703points) March 25th, 2020

How do you think you would have fared in life in general?

Here is a link describing that period in American history.

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A medic only employed at christmas time.
Yes, that’s right…Doc Holliday.

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I’m not bad on horseback and am a good shot as well but being a woman might have limited my opportunities to shoot disobedient horses. ;)

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Wyatt Earp

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^^You’re that good huh? : )

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Shop Keeper

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The saloon slag.

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Packhorse librarian

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Mule skinner.

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Sheriff. Or maybe saloonkeeper.

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A great-great-grandfather of mine was a trader on the Santa Fe Trail. It was the route from Missouri to New Mexico before the railroads, and he had a store to supply the travelers.

I might work at something like that while young and then become a surveyor or newspaper publisher and printer.

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Saloon girl.

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Carpenter most likely.

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Realistically, I could be a teacher and starving in the West because not many people cared that much for education but at least I would be honored as the most intelligent person there :D

I would prefer to be a sheriff though. Maintaining the peace and having a chance to shoot people without worrying about morality :D

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I think I would own a general store or work in one.

I like the idea of owning an Inn also, but maybe it would make me nervous too.

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Yeah. Teacher before I got married. Married women were not allowed to be teachers because being married meant you were having sex. Bad example for the kids.
Then, hopefully, find a man to marry and settle in to tending children and a garden and whateve.

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I’d be a gay cowboy (a la Brokeback Mountain).

But seriously, I don’t know that I would’ve fared all that well. I have a cushy lifestyle and I’m accustomed to it. But I am descended from people who settled the West in the mid-1800s, so maybe a small part of that is in my blood.

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We would be friends @Demosthenes.

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I guess maybe a schoolteacher, although I think it’d be more fun to work on a frontier newspaper. I can half imagine, though, being a seamstress with a dress shop.

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@Demosthenes at best, you would find like-minded people and became an infamous outlaw. At worst, people would see you as evil and shoot you to dead.

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I was a communications tech for AT&T, for 35 years.

I could be a telegraph tech or system installer.

If I was working from 1877 to whenever, I could be working for AG Bell, the inventor of telecommunications. However, I’d probably be working in or near Boston, MA.

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Probably a cook.

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I’d be an inventor of some sort. My barn would be a Steampunker’s paradise.

I might even come up with something cool like electricity or radio.

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@Brian you could make my job communicating with my witnesses much easier :D

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Ah think yo multilingual talents would also be mighty fine assits, Sheriff ‘shu. ;p

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