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What's a good online tax preparation program?

Asked by Brian1946 (26625points) 1 month ago

The only one I’ve ever heard of is Turbotax, but I don’t how good it is.

If you use one, which one?

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I’ve used Turbotax and For me they were the same, but I have very simple finances.

I have settled on Turbotax because I also do my mother’s taxes, and it handles a very specific item (long term disability insurance) that the other was lacking.

You can start online with the free editions to get a feel for them without filing a return or paying them anything.

Here’s a review of several different options. Note the recommendation varies depending on the complexity of your return:
Wirecutter – The Best Tax Software

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We have used TurboTax for 14 years. Started using it when my wife was running a small side business and we had a rental property. Still use it and we are happy with it.

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I use Turbotax and like it. I’ve been using it for at least 15 years and find it convenient and easy to understand yet it has the flexibility if you need to change things.

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I’ve used TurboTax for my business for a long time and have had no problems so far.

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