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Has there been a mass exodus from the lagoon, an alien abduction, or was a hit carried out by sleeper agents?

Asked by cookieman (37766points) 1 week ago from iPhone

What in the name of Neptune is happening ‘round here?

A handful of entirely unnamed Jellies were here one minute, and quite active, and then, simultaneously gone in a blink.

As we’re such a small community, it’s odd to see this many go at once, and thus makes us even smaller.

Any clues or ideas as to their whereabouts fellow Jellies? Are you chagrined? Do you give a whale’s flipper?

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That makes five in the last two weeks that I know of.

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@KNOWITALL: Crazy, right?! But whatthefluther happened? Can’t be a coincidence.

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@cookieman @KNOWITALL Sounds like a time to do another roll call? To see who is left. I will ask in 3 hours (when I get another question allotted) If none ask by then.

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I think every once in awhile trollers try out Fluther and find it a lot more difficult to stay on. Especially those who may not have the best English language skills or simply because we are a small community so it’s not worth the effort. They get more troll power on Facebook or twitter then they would here. It’s just not worth their time. Especially if they are immediately sent to edit.

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@ReedDeerGuy1: Not a terrible idea.

@Pandora: Sadly, those gone missing with long-standing Jellies not fly-by-night troll newbies.

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Not sure what happened. I kinda went away. Unfortunately, I am back.

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@SQ: Not unfortunate at all. Happy you’re here.

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Can someone please pm me and tell me who the 5 are? I know of 3.

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In January, 2010, there were about “33,900” jellies. Actually, there were only about 101— me, my 33,800 alternate accounts, and the others. ;-o

I just got tired of maintaining that many.

So this roll call is really just a survey of who here isn’t me.

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<———————- NOT @Brian1946!

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I’m all about the honesty, so there’s no way I’d pretend to be an Olympic gold-medal winner! ;-p

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You don’t know what happened to them? The mouthing ran them off.

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@Coolhandluke Yes, it’s getting worse every day with the intolerance of others opinions. So odd on a Q & A site.

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I only count 3 who left for whatever reasons of their own. Many others leave with little fanfare. Sometimes they come back. It’s not exactly a mass exodus.

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@janbb You have what, 15–20 active members in this dreadful place? 3 leaving is “mass”.

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@janbb: it’s 5.

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Patty_Melt’s account is intact, so at least in that regard, she’s still “here”.

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Often, the ones who are the most disdainful and derisive of the site keep their accounts open and come back from time to time to say so. A certain anarchist comes to mind as an example.

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@canidmajor: I know of whom you refer.

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I’m not here as much as I used to be. I have not noticed anyone who has gone missing. Maybe someone could fill me in. I wonder if any of those folks are on the FB.

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