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Is a veggie pizza healthier than a meat lovers pizza?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23805points) August 10th, 2021

How many servings of veggies in a typical veggie pizza? Thinking of ordering from Pizza Hut or Dominos.

Alternative suggestions welcome.

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Domino’s has the best hot veggie sandwich, in my area at least.
I can also get a chicken breast and cheese pizza for like $8.

A thin crust would be your best option for a veggie pizza.
A medley of fresh baby spinach, fresh mushrooms, diced tomatoes and black olives on top of a smaller portion of cheese.
135 calories for 1/8 think crust veggie pizza.

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I think so.

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I would guarantee it – even with cheese, there’s no fat or calories from meat.

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Yes, but still not very healthy. Fat, carbs, cholesterol, and usually high in sodium.

I love pizza.

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Of course there is fat and calories in meat! Where ever did you get such an idea @smudges? Especially in sausage which seems to be most popular.

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Just like any food, moderation is the key. As tasty as pizza is, even eating a vegetarian one on a regular basis can be unhealthy.

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Duhhh! But I meant because there’s no meat!

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Ohhh! Yes. Veggies have considerably fewer calories.

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Cheese is basically “meat” when it comes to fat, calories and just about everything “bad.” A few toppings of pepperoni or ham are like sprinkles of garnish compared to the fat and empty calorie carb overload of the crust and cheese. I mean don’t get me wrong that shit is good but don’t delude yourself into thinking a veggie pizza is somehow healthier. It’s still a goddamn pizza.

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@Blackwater_park Baby steps are good though.

@RedDeer has been making steady progress towards healthier habits. Cutting the soda out was HUGE!

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Probably. It could be a toss-up. But if you want to eat healthy, try another dish.

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I still don’t think pizza is any less healthy than, say, spaghetti.

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Can’t say don’t know. I just pig out and enjoy. I’m gonna die anyway.

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Look at it like this. If you.had a bowl full of veggies a the same bowl full of sausage which do you think would be healthier?

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What Dutchy said. So, give me the sausage and I’ll deal with it. No, no need to thank me. Someone has to make the sacrifice.

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@RedDeerGuy1 My first thought is: Where’s the protein? Lots of cheeses maybe?

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The protein is in the meat.

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There is protein in the cheese too. Actually, some of the veggies have protein too, but in much smaller quantity than the meat and cheese.

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If you got four veggie toppings (which seems higher than average to me, but I don’t know), it probably wouldn’t even be one serving of vegetables. So perhaps “healthier”, but barely.

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Meat pizza is better.

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The word was “healthier”,not “better” which is a personal preference.
For example, pineapple pizza is the best.

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I would say yes. Meat Lover’s has a huge amount of meat on it. Which means a huge amount of fat, calories and most especially sodium. A veggie pizza won’t be healthier than just a plain cheese pizza by very much though.

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@anniereborn I just mentioned sodium content to him earlier this week. Once you start paying attention, it’s hard to believe we consume so much. Even the sauce is loaded with sodium, so I started making my own.

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Q: Which is healthier: (1) a dose of poison or (2) a dose of poison and a multivitamin?

A: (2) Obviously.

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