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Have you received a Covid booster shot?

Asked by Brian1946 (28570points) 1 month ago

If so, when & where did you get it?

Was it the same vaccine that you received before?

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I got my second shot on 4/21/21, and I got my booster toady (10/20/21).

I got it at a Walgreen’s near my house.

All three of my vaccines were Pfizer.

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Yes. It was the same as before, Pfizer. I got it 3 weeks ago at Walgreens. I had received my second shot on February 2, 2021, so it was time. I had no side effects.

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Awhile ago, I heard on the news that they were recommending 8 months after the second shot, but the latest recommendation I heard was 6.

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I got my second Moderna on February 26 and a Moderna booster at a public health booth at a farm market on August 29. 6 months.

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I got Pfizer. My second shot was in mid January. I just got the booster about a week ago. I got it at Longs.

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Oh no, I forgot to correct my typo! I hope nobody notices. :( ;p

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Yes, I got my Pfizer booster 2 weeks ago, a little over 6 months after my 2nd shot. I got it at CVS and they were excellent.

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Of course.

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I’m still waiting for my second shot. There is a new small outbreak right now and I’m not sure when they will schedule another vaccine shot again.

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Yes, but no: First series Moderna, Pfizer booster in late August.

And I got it at Walmart – because I’m so worth it.

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No. I got the two shots but not the booster.

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Not yet. Hope to next week.

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Yes, I got my 3rd Pfizer booster 2 weeks ago, just over 6 months after my 2nd one.

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Not eligible yet, but will be getting it as soon as I am.

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It has been less than 6 months since my second Pfizer shot. I don’t want a buster until my blood antibody titer is measured. Why would I need a buster if my antibody titer is adequate?

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@gondwanalon Quick question. Why are you calling it a “buster”?

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@gondwanalon Oh – and by the way, I agree that it would be great if they checked antibody levels before giving boosters but that seems to be too complicated or expensive for them to implement. In the absence of that protocol, I didn’t have a problem with getting “topped up”.

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I have to wait until November, six months after your last vaccine shot is what Walgreen’s said.

And yes, it will be the Moderna booster, as my first two doses were Moderna and that’s how it works here.

I did get my flu shot Saturday though, half way there.

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Not for a couple of weeks, probably. Moderna here, just waiting for everybody to have the appropriate boosters in stock.

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@janbb Freudian slip. HA!

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Not yet. But I will ASAP.

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Here it’s not authorized.

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Where is “here” @omtatsat?

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Its not yet authorized in Switzerland

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