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Do you find handling raw meat to be disgusting?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) 2 months ago

I can’t stand touching a raw chicken or any meat, really. If I ever do I need to wash my hands right away.

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No, it’s a substance like anything else. Ground beef, steak, chicken, fish… no big deal.

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Not at all. You have to handle raw meat to cook it, which is always DELICIOUS!

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I don’t like it. Particularly beef.

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How else you going to prep it for the grill?

Washing our hand right away is standard food safety practice anyway.

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I handle raw meat a lot. I don’t get bothered by it.

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Not at all, but I grew up on a farm and I love to cook. If someone doesn’t wash afterwards, that is very gross.

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That is why I wear rubber hand shoes.

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It is normally not on my list of ingredients normally. Fish is typical for me. I however don’t find any of it difficult or disgusting.

Transforming live fish, shellfish is also not an issue when preparing.
I however do not think I could just go out back and get a live chicken and prepare it for dinner.
Same with Bessy the cow, dolly the lamb, or porky.

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I find it annoying, because I “worry” about cross contamination in the kitchen. Worry would be too strong of a word, but I’m phobic about throwing up, so I’m extra careful about avoiding food poisoning. I’ve never given myself food poisoning, knock on wood.

I get grossed out by whole turkeys, I really don’t like preparing and cooking turkey. Also, I would never want to cook a lobster. Neither my husband nor I eat lobster, so no problem.

If I think about it I feel bad about the animal, so once in a while that part bothers me. That’s raw or prepared meat of any kind.

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No. Especially when I’m hungry and cooking.

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The skin and stuff feels funny to me. I wonder if I have a phobia or something because I get shivers up my arm and I want to get queasy.

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Back in the day they didn’t offer separate chicken parts. You had to buy a whole chicken. Mom put me in charge of cutting the chicken up. I know now that cutting up chicken kinda made Mom sick!
Dad taught me how to gut a fish for the same reason!
They just used me!
None of it bothered me. I actually found it interesting.

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I was a cook at KFC for 2 years. I don’t mind it. I also wash my hands often.

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Generally speaking, I don’t find handling raw meat at all disgusting but when my mother gutted rabbits we had caught to make a rabbit stew it was pretty nauseous. But we were hungry and the rabbit stew was delicious.

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@ForeverFree I understand. As a farm kid we are taught that the livestock are not our friends but food. It was hard for me with chickens, especially, as I love animals so much.
Of course you can be killed by cattle and hogs, perhaps why chickens seem so friendly haha!

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I don’t eat a lot of meat and can hardly stand seeing it raw. I wear vinyl gloves if I have to fool with meat at all. I have started buying chicken breasts from the freezer section because is no stress. I can open the bag, grab a piece with tongs, hold it under cold water to melt and remove whatever that “glaze” that is on it, and place it in a pan.

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Even gloves don’t help much, so if I can I get someone else to do it. Just too icky for me I don’t even like the smell.

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Yes and no.

I have a lot of cognitive dissonance when it comes to animals as food.

I love animals. Looking in their eyes makes me feel I can feel their wants and needs and fears. Despite that, I eat animals. Beef, pork, chicken and fish are often on my plate.

The only individuals I kill and eat are fish. And I am not entirely comfortable with it. If I had to kill cows, pigs, and chickens to eat them, I would probably skip meat and enjoy only plant cuisine.

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@Call_Me_Jay Thank you I just learned a new term I can use in an argument somewhere.

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