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So is Trump going to jail, or not?

Asked by NoMore (2946points) 2 months ago

I just got a “Breaking News” in my inbox that Trump could be indicted as early as Thursday. This IS Thursday. I’m starting to think that Jesse Ventura is right and it’s all a dog and pony show for public consumption and both parties are actually on the same page.

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Check the source of the “breaking news”. It’s all part of the Trump grift. He pulled in $1.5 million after he said he was going to be arrested on Tuesday.

He said yesterday he wants the perp walk, because he can pull in a few more million in contributions.

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Will he be Indicted ? yes

Will he be jailed, handcuffed ? not likely

Trump is a conman and he is conning millions of dollars and “laughing al the way to the bank”

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Hell I could care less if he sees any jail time, all I would like to see is that he gets convicted of anything that would forbid him to hold any kind of public office ever again.

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Works for me too , @SQUEEKY2

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You need a better news source. I don’t believe anything that I hear on the news NO matter which side of the fence they sit!!! I heard today that the Grand Jury will NOT be back for the rest of this week, so IF it happens, it won’t be before next week.

Think back…the ONLY people saying he’ll be arrested is the news ( who said “it appears that he’s going to be indicted”) who are doing it just for “ratings” or old 45 himself (a known liar) who is doing it just for “attention”. In BOTH cases, it was somebody making money off their interpretation of the events.

Until I hear the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg say it himself, I’m waiting to be SURPRISED!!! Since 45’s supporters are known to be violent, WHY would the DA announce in advance what is in his plans??? Let them be SURPRISED as well!!!

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I really doubt it. But I saw an AI generated fake thing and that was soooo satisfying and funny!

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The news I watch on TV is NYC news (that’s the news for me here) and as of this morning, they said “not this week.” They also said that Manhattan DA said that it was Trump’s suggestion that he was going to be arrested Tuesday. DA never stated that.

I would love to see Trump do the perp walk but I don’t know if he will. I know it might be subject to negotiation but @zenvelo is right – Trump is using this and is making a lot of money off it. I heard that yesterday on a conservative radio station. They said if he gets arrested, he’ll get even more money.

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Let’s just tell him that by popular acclaim a golden carriage will take him back to the White House and then drop him off at the nearest Supermax.

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@flutherother The tangerine turd is only in it for the money, more casesb . . . MORE MONEY

Don’t think he wants to run for President, except for revenge….. he is always looking for revenge!

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Could we sign a petition and after we get so many signatures we can send him to prison? lol

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@Dig_Dug It would require a constitutional change. Might screw up your laws if passed as you would get a slippery slope, if due process is tossed aside.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Well Amendments can be amended :)

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Yes, he’ll get there.

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I’m skeptical, my gut says he’ll skate. But if he did the crime he should do his time. It’s the American way.

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Unlikely. Especially not for the Stormy Daniels stuff. I’d be surprised if he is even indicted. It’s all Kabuki theater. DA Bragg is coming up for reelection so he is resurrecting the zombie case…a case that has a porn star and a discredited lawyer as the prime sources of “evidence”. This is a case that, even if it were true, was well past any statute of limitations.. a case that was previously dropped because it is basically impossible to get a conviction. It is political misdirection and possibly even abuse of power by the Biden administration in an effort to use their offices to attack political rivals. Remember when the left claimed Trump did that?

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@Tropical_Willie, he wants to be president for two reasons: revenge—and immunity from prosecution.

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I doubt it, but if Martha Stewart can wind up in jail I guess anyone can.

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Yes @Jeruba and maybe have his sons be future Presidential puppets with him pulling the strings . . . ! !

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Jail is not the goal of all this. Accountability and truth is.

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Wake me when he is arrested. That was supposed to happen tuesday, and the day passed uneventfully.
The rich and powerful have a habit of escaping due justice.
The ICC also put out an arrest warrant for Putin. Do you think he will ever be arrested?

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@ragingloli Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg never stated Trump would be arrested on Tuesday. That was Trump’s statement.

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@Forever_Free, yes, but a little taste of jailing would be sweet all the same.

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@Jeruba I agree. I want to see him in the real orange jumper that matches his hair.

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@Forever_Free you mean toxic tangerine . . .

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@Tropical_Willie lol…

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Maybe maybe not. But he is stirring up his followers so they will send more money. His campaign (and his pocket) raised $1.5 million during the three days following his false announcement he was going to be arrested on Tuesday. Source.

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Trump is the P.T. Barnum of politics!

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And now I’m hearing that Bragg may be dropping the case.

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I heard that Trump claimed that Bragg is dropping the case but the Grand Jury is moving forward as planned this week. Bragg has not stated he is considering dropping the case. I have seen no statement from Bragg that he is dropping the case or considering it.

Trump’s comment is wishful thinking.

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@jca2 That may be. But to date you have Stormy telling the world she never had an affair with Trump and then, later, deciding she did. Then you have Michael Cohen’s legal counsel sending a letter to the FEC back in 2018 stating unequivocally that he paid Stormy off with his own personal funds. All these things play in. The “star” witnesses keep changing their stories to fit the moment. Bragg will likely let this drop since he doesn’t have a real case and the statute of limitations would be up anyway. He is pushing this for his own benefit. He is running for office and wants to tap into the “Hate Trump” train.

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@jca2 Come on my friend ,
you well know that Trump does no wrong! The Emperor hath spoken, innocent of all charges. So let it be written. So let it be done.

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Oh gosh I had him figured all wrong then. J6 must have just been a little tea party then too. Silly me, hey @NoMore got any of the wacky tobacco left for me? lol

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Done used it all Dig, maybe next time ? ; )

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@NoMore Yes, what was I thinking. Someone claimed something about Trump so it must be true! There can be no other explanation!

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Trump claimed last weekend, he was going to get indicted on the 21st (he made that up). . . just to get his followers / chumps, to send in a couple million more dollars for . . . . . . . . . “poor Donny Trump ! ! ”

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@seawulf575 I don’t know enough about the alleged crimes to even discuss it. I haven’t been following it because it’s not that interesting to me. I just know what I see on the news every night (NYC news as I’m sure I’ve said before, which is my “local” news), which is more about the police presence and the meetings and the happenings in the city.

I know Republican friends all insist (probably from Faux News and other sources) that Trump didn’t do enough to get in trouble. I say “let’s wait and see” because I’m not arguing about something that I know very little about and that thare are more savvy legal eagles who can duke it out.

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I just heard on the news (NYC news) that the Grand Jury won’t be meeting on this case this week. The Grand Jury won’t be convening tomorrow (Wednesday) and on Thursday, they will be meeting on a different case. The Grand Jury never meets on Fridays (the NYC Grand Jury). So there’s that. Don’t listen if Trump says he will or won’t be arrested this week, as apparently he was mistaken or lying when he said he was getting arrested last week.

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The latest as of Wednesday night: The Grand Jury won’t hear the case until after Easter.

Just the messenger. Don’t shoot me, but also don’t take it as any kind of a sign when Trump expresses doubts as to why it hasn’t happened yet.

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Personally I think Bragg is playing Trump and all the fright-wingers like a violin. . . . but he should have made sure the violin was in tune ! !

Trump is toast if not Bragg with “Golden Showers” . . . .

then NYC for wire fraud on property values . . .

His phone call to Georgia for threatening the election officials for not finding 11,000 plus votes . . .

Washington DC for January 6th.


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Just make him go away. He is such the definition of everything that is wrong in this country.

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Bragg in NYC has been taking testimony from people involved with Trump’s Playboy Bunny affair . . . the second shoe may fall for that too !

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It’s going to be an interesting week ahead.

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Bragg in NY has told Trumps agitators to get bent! lol!

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Alvin Bragg for President!!!!

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I second that!!

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Me too!!!

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And whistle up Trump a memory of Leavenworth Territory.

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Leavenworth Territory? I didn’t look this one up.

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Just being silly. Theme to an old western, Tombstone Territory. “Whistle me up a memory of Tombstone Territory”. Meaning he’ll be going to Fort Leavenworth Federal Prison. I hope.

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