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Is there anything that can be done to stop the far-right fascist in America?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) 2 months ago

I just watched a video about this and it was very scary. It showed a lot of the J6 riots and many other aspects of their practices. They are growing stronger and may become a real serious threat if they continue to exist.

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One vote is small. Amplify. Encourage your friends and family and co-workers to vote. Give them instructions to register and vote.

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I agree all of us need to vote. Whittle the Repubs down by degrees. I see it happening in Texas already. In the mid terms all of the major urban areas across the state went blue. Vote!

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Lots of things can stop them, and lots of things can stop the far left. Many things already are.

Extremists by definition are outliers in every population, in every society throughout history. Even at the height of facist power in 1940 fewer than 10% of Germans were Nazi party members. Current best estimates for the US are that 6% of the population identifies as “devoted conservatives” on the right, and about 8% with more left-leaning “progressive activists” -

And within those small groups, the percentage of armed militant extremists is even more tiny – at most 20,000 or just .006 of all Amercans -

But why then does it feel like the true majority of moderate, rational, average citizens who just want good government and a fair shot at a better future are outnumbered and losing the game ?

Because whenever radical factions want power they try to gain it by distorting public perception and burying the truth :
“A key reason is that polarization has become a business model. Media executives have realized that they can drive clicks, likes, and views, and make money for themselves and their shareholders, by providing people with the most strident opinions. This means that the most extreme voices―no matter how outlandish―often get the most airtime. In addition, people with the most extreme views are often the most certain of their positions. They are willing to argue with anyone and avoid moderating their opinions or conceding points to the other side.”

- Hidden Tribes, 2018

But political parties follow the same “business model” too, whenever they use partisan tactics to politicize the judicial system or gerrymander voting districts to prop up fake majorities. And it all got so much easier when twisted laws started treating money and free speech like the same thing.

So how do we stop fascists, or anarcists, or any other extremist ideaology with no legitimate right to power ?

• Stop being scared.
• Stop being fooled.
• Start acting like your ideas and values matter.
• Start confronting lies, and corruption, and hate.
• Start demanding that those in power respect democracy, and are held accountable when they don’t.
• Start acting like decent, tolerant, fair minded human beings are in the majority.

Because we really are.

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Vote and educate.

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Improve the United States of America so there is less poverty, less struggle, less abuse, less loneliness, less depression, and less feelings of inadequacy. These problems create breeding grounds for the white supremacists, and there is a link between them and the fascists. They are all like gangs. People who feel under attack tend to shift to the extreme right. People who feel lonely and low self esteem want to find a group that accepts them. They want to feel powerful and want to feel they have some control. That’s my opinion anyway.

The religious right is sucked in easily, because they are targeted and wooed by the fascist groups. We see it in the US, Israel, Poland, many places.

I agree we also have to vote, so we keep them out of our government. That’s the easiest thing to do, and in the US we vote often. Every two years there are significant changes in representation.

Clean up social media. Anything being posted by bots or traced back to hate groups should be deleted.

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There is nothing wrong in being a far right fascist as long as you don’t behave like a far right fascist. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but insulting and intimidating and bullying those who disagree with you is not acceptable. A case in point is the J6 rioters. Many of those being punished have accepted their guilt and show some contrition. But those who make excuses for them are worse than they are.

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Women need to stop mating with them.
I’m only half joking. I recognize that it is possible to have far right women but if you look at the sign in book of “sightseers” visiting the Capitol on Jan 6 you will see 90% – 95% 98%?) white males. Women! Please! Stop reproducing with these jerks.

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It starts with either purging the Democratic Party of corruption or abandoning it altogether for a 3rd party. The reason the extreme right is so strong, is because we’ve allowed the “left” party to devolve into the party of wine caves, union-busting and sabotaging efforts to help the working class (along with their Republican co-conspirators). If they’re taking money from ExxonMobil, Pfizer, AT&T, Goldman Sachs, Northrop Grumman, DuPont, Norfolk Southern, Tyson, Facebook or from “third way” groups like Emily’s List, super pacs, dark money bundlers or groups that support the worst Republicans like Aipac, then that should be disqualifying.

Call it a “purity test” if you want, but I want to know that my elected representatives aren’t going to tell me what I want to hear in public and then take money from private interest and do the exact fucking opposite behind the scenes to sabotage it and then pretend that they tried their best. And the reason it matters is because the Democrats have so utterly failed at their jobs to implement meaningful governance or to maintain the gains that FDR and Martin Luther King Jr. fought for, that they’ve created a political vacuum where struggling middle class folks are turning to extremest ideologies to answer the question of why the American Dream isn’t working anymore.

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I guess it starts with recognizing that similar behaviors are happening on the left too and it’s largely flying under the radar. When I say similar behaviors, I mean ideological extremism. In any form, it’s destructive. There is no compromising or working with these people and they readily “go to war” with each other. They’re completely divided but they often act the same. They’ll drag the rest of us off a cliff with them if we let it happen. All over the media reckless narratives are being spun and it just keeps these people stirred up. That needs to stop so those people go somewhere else to get their dopamine hit and hopefully do something constructive with their energy. Vote out the fruitcakes and nutcases, stop watching the media. All this corruption in politics is happening because we are so distracted being at each other’s throats. It leaves cracks and voids within our system that get exploited in negative ways. That’s how right-wing activists got on the supreme court and turned Roe v wade. Too much political voltage here folks.

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Four starters, don’t allow those trying to scare you actually scare you. They are as dangerous as those radicals trying to force a takeover. The press on BOTH sides are just as dangerous as they are using fear to line their own pockets!!! This country was better off when people used to sit down & have heated discussions about their beliefs. Now days, it’s MY way or I’m NOT listening!!!

BOTH sides have their own agenda. By choosing to VOTE you have a say in who gets to speak for your opinion. Just be sure that they are “speaking for you”!!!

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Become politically active. The saying, ”...all politics is local” isn’t just a cute meme. It’s the truth. Get active in your local community. Find a candidate or a cause that speaks to your heart. Volunteer.

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You know it’s credible if you found it on YouTube
Just imagine how many idiots would still be in denial that lizard people walk among us on this verifiably flat earth?! Thanks to YouTube, scientists now understand that the source of all evil can be found underneath the Denver airport.~

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@cheebdragon Are you always snarky or only online?

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@Dig_Dug Snarky? LOL. That was just my polite answer to avoid having my answer removed as a personal attack or flame bait.

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@cheebdragon Thank you for showing us such restraint then. Thanks for the mods also ;)

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…the source of all evil can be found underneath the Denver airport.

…and it’s protected by this Devil Bronco!

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