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Why does Whole Foods hire only waify affeminate granola guys as checkers?

Asked by leftspin (56points) August 11th, 2007 from iPhone

Yes, I know they hire girls too.

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Maybe because young and dumb is how Whole Paycheck likes 'em, hungry and willing to work for low wages and without a union.

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Might it be because those are the people who choose to apply for jobs at such a crunchy granola kinda store?

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Perhaps sweeping generalities about any subset of people is dangerous. Is there no male working in any Whole anyway who doesn't fit your pejorative description.. Could I say, for example, that all people who use "waify" and misspell "effeminate" have some character flaw? Risky and bigoted, it seems to me..

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Yes of course. I am living proof, as I have character flaws, as probably many people do, like those uncreative people who can't think of anything but your spellining to criticize.

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