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Do you feel guilty when you masterbate?

Asked by BONZO (387points) February 24th, 2009

why or why not

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No. It’s my damn penis.

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i never thought the theory that god killed kittens when you masturbate had much credibility.

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I hate kittens

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Of course not.

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Dear Master Bonzo,

You can go blind doing that you know, guilt or no guilt.

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Only if I splooge on my something thats not mine

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ummm, how do you say “hell no!” in every language imaginable? i leave guilt for not going to the gym or eating my broccoli. I think I feel more quilt if I dont…:)

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Not at all. I’m not hurting anyone.

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Son, it’s perfectly normal.

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

I don’t feel guilty when I masterbate, nor do I feel guilty when I masturbate. I do however feel guilty when I masturbate using a hamster and I forget to wrap it with electrical tape, as the little buggers always explode. “Oh the Hamsteranity!!”

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Not really…when I first got my vibrator for some reason I felt guilty after the first couple times I used it (I really have no idea why), but not anymore. Not hurting anyone, and it feels nice!

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@Bonzo- Are you a male or female, if you don’t mind me asking…

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Dude….. Back away from the hamster!

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

sure, now you tell me. :-)

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Self love is good love.

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@Likeradar why would it matter? is it ok for men and not for women?

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@BONZO Totally not my point. (I’m a woman, I do it without guilt and I expect my boyfriend to as well). I’ve been following your questions today and I’m just curious.

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I’m too ashamed to discuss it right now.

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@AstroChuck admit it, you are masturbating RIGHT NOW! hee hee

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Never, until recently. Who knows why.

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Hells no. I enjoy it too much to feel guilty.

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Should I feel guilty about it?

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I like the line from “Young People F***ing”, which goes something like this:

”’s like a powerbar versus a meal.”

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When I masterbate, the whole neighborhood lights one up.

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NO! heck no! no before, not during, and not after! and im not feeling guilty about talking about it on fluther either!

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Guilty? No, more like goooooooooooooooooood

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Wow, its not 1912. Your palms won’t become hairy, God is not watching you, there’s no need to go to Battle Creek or eat Grape Nuts to calm yourself down. It’s your body. Do what you like with it without guilt.

And if you must get one of those dolls, don’t fall in love with them like those dudes I saw in a documentary last night on telly.

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Oh, hell no!

But on the other hand, my fantasies…

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Of course I don’t feel guilty. That’s like feeling guilty because you pressed the elevator button and the elevator came up to your floor.

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Only thing i feel when i masturbate is anxious and a little pissed because im always in fear of hitting my 22” monitor with a load.

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