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Will Elmers Glue-All keep broccoli adhered to foam poster board?

Asked by simone54 (7592points) April 28th, 2009
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I have absolutely no idea but I am deeply interested in what prompted you to ask.

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Science fair project?

I’m not familiar with Elmers Glue-All. I’d be more inclined to use thread or something and kind of sew it on.

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Use a small piece of broccoli and a lot of glue. :)

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probably not.

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Yes, Elmer’s glue will work fine. I suggest you dip the broccoli in wax first, or it will spoil. You could also coat it with clear fingernail polish. Good Luck with your project.

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That sounds like quite an art project. Why don’t you just affix your produce with some pins or toothpics? Better yet, fish hooks and perhaps some twine.

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Elmer’s is water-soluble, so make sure your broccoli is dehydrated or put a waterproof barrier like the wax that @YARNLADY suggested.

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Elmer’s won’t stick to wax, begging wise YARNLADY’s pardon. Coat it with clear acrylic medium if you’re determined to use Elmer’s. But the thread idea is soooooo much better.

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@susanc I guess it depends on what kind of wax you use. We glue beads and such on candles all the time.

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@YARNLADY – what wax then? I always had the feeling (in my fingers) that
candlewax was a little oily. Would like to learn about this glue-able wax. @simone54,
are you reading this?

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I making doing a eulogy to the Jolly Green Giant for my public speaking class. So I have a big picture with a wreath made of out broccoli.

The glue didn’t do much. I poke tooth picks through it for the to hold them on.

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Good luck with your project!

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