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Who's the newest Jelly to swim into Fluther's 10K hizzouse?

Asked by Jude (32098points) November 2nd, 2009

The lovely @Likeradar, folks. Give her some lurve!

You’ve always been so helpful and you’re one smart Jelly! Congrats!

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*bracing for incoming lurvesturm

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Welcome to the mansion @Likeradar!!!

May the party begin!!!

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My fellow CSU Ram! Congratulations to you!

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A warm congratulations to you and excellent work! Welcome to the 10k hacienda!

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Wow that was quick, seems like just yesterday you were a newbie. Congrats. Cake for all.

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And Ah He’ped [Shake’n’Bake™]

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Your posts are always thoughtful and contribute to the discussion.
Congratulations, Likerader!

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yayayayayay you so deserve it!

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Congrats and thanks for this question which really sold me on the Fluther community when I was joining!

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Awwww, wow! Congrats!! :)

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Congratulations! Try not to pee in the pool from excitement! ;)

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So, like Radar is like in the 10K club, so like, congrats!

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Nice going, @Likeradar!

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Many people are viewing this congratulatory effort.

Man, I am such an opportunist. Congratulations again!

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Enjoy the party!

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I am such an award whore.

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@nxknxk ~ Whatever might you mean by that?

Exhibition time!

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Little did @jmah know his congratulatory thread would result in an exhibitionist orgy of sorts.

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* gifts you with a pet goldfish in a bag *

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This is going to really be a fun party! I will bring the champagne!

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Woah. Almost took exactly two months.

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You may now change your name to loveradar. Welcome to the big house, guest wing.

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Congrats! I definitely can’t count up to that much lurve. :)

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@gailcalled Don’t you mean Lurveradar?

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Milo ate the other guest wing. There was some bird confusion.

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Happy 10K!!! XD

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(Ps. There should be a Milo award. He is as much a flutherpart as the frizzer is.)

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OH! Great idea @delirium! It could be the “golden mouse!”

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yay! congrats!

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Milo here; Real gold leaf, please. As I have said on too many occasions, I am the wit, the bon vivant, the raconteur, the Nobelist, the MacArthur genius and the King of the Hill in this household.

I still like loveradar; “Lurve” is beginning to grate on my nerves from overuse, perhaps.

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I’m feeling rather generous when it comes to lurve tonight! I feel like Rip Taylor with a bag full o’ lurve and I’m tossing it all about!.

I agree! We need a Milo award!

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congrats to the one who’s “not really a donkey on a bike!”

(don’t ask me, it’s in the profile!)

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Ooh la la! 10k! You’ll get some for sure now!

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Woo-hoo! Way to go. Celebrate, celebrate. Dance to the music…....

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Quite the exhibitionist orgy. Brown chicken brown cow!

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Wonderful! Congratulations Miss Likeradar. It’s good to see you up there!

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Hurrah! It’s a pleasure to offer you my congratulations. I like your thoughtful comments and your sincerity. You’re a great community member. Welcome to the club.

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Congratulations, welcome to the house! Good to see you here!

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Congrats,.. now if only I could figure out how to send a cake through the internet without getting frosting on my keys.

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koo koo ga joob!

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@sevenfourteen Only if you promise that’s the only one. Every two months would be a bit excessive. And we have no idea what it could possibly mean.

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Congradulations. I’m sure you have exceeded many peoples expectations. Your answers are intellectual, rational and inspiring. Thank you for making Fluther a better place!

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Yay, congrats @Likeradar, you rock!

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Yay! ;spreads love;

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I think the only reason people answer questions like these is because it’s an easy lurve tap.

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Holy Moly! Congratumalations.

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@XOIIO I suspect that’s not going to work for you on this thread.

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Well my first answer got 5 GA’s, and other people get lots too, I suppose it’s not only to get lurve, but these questions do tend to get the most answers.

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I’m so confused! What’s with the lurve? Oh, and congrats!

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Congrats, girly! You deserve it!

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I have always admired and appreciated both your thoughtful Qs and As. Congrats!

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@Likeradar was the first person to have a conversation with me here.

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Congrats @Likeradar!!!! Truly deserved!

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@LikeRadar Congrats and please accept this award of FD 10K to honor your 10K-ness !

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What great news!

Congratulations to a kind Jelly with lots of common sense and moxie!

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Yay! Congrats! I remember when I was but a wee jelly liking your old profile pic.

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Bravo. Well Done! Huzzah!

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LikeRadar made it to 10,000 lurve? That’s like awesome! Congratulations!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Hurray!!! congo-ratas @likeradar.

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You did real good kid, real good!!!

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kinda bummed i missed out on posting this Q….stupid work.

congrats! ill always appreciate you and your awesome tech skills, esp. pertaining to audio-video devices. haha.

“I love you, Likeradar!”~

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No mere blip on the screen, it’s a bright, intelligent ball of compassion and thoughtfulness; iiiiiiiitttttt’ssss Likeradar!!!!

boop • boop • boop • boop

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Mmmm. Privateer pancakes.

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Aw, thanks everyone! I feel all warm and fuzzy and filled with pancakes.

@eponymoushipster There shall be no mention of my AV skills at my party. It said so on the invitation. :P

@delirium A year and 2 months. But we can pretend I’m just that awesome.

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@Likeradar it did? i must have only caught a glimpse…. haha!

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WAY TO GO RADAR!!!!!!!!! Pancakes for everyone!!!!!!
We lurve you “Similar Sonar”

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Congratulations! Félicitations! ¡Enhorabuena! 恭喜你!

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did you google it?

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my “piss off” comment is getting way more lurve than I’m comfortable with… :P

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@cyndihugs Oh a bit of it. =P However, I also did go to check the dictionary to see that my French was correct.

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Wow, 10000 lurve.. that’s a lot. I feel, um, oddly attracted to you now. Would you maybe like to move in together? ;-)

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@jasonjackson I lurve you more than I lurve anyone else. :)

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@Likeradar Lurve lurve lurve you too. :)

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That’l do boy, that’l do

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Late to the party, but happy to be here! Nice work, @Likeradar!

Here’s to the next 10k!

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My sincere and honest concratulations on the big day!


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Yeah!!!! Woot woot!!!! Congratulations!!!!

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Woo hoo! Congratulations!

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:) yaaay! :)

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I Have been slacking on my Fluthering as of late!
:] way to go 10ker!

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Wait are you, like, Radar? Or are you Like Radar?

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