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Are you able to turn yourself into someone you're not?

Asked by wunday (759points) January 20th, 2010

Some may want to fool others. Some may want to change their lives. Can you do it?

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For a short period of time, sure. And if I could move to Tuscany, maybe for real.

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I never try to fool others. I do work on trying to change some things about my personality that I think need improvement.

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You could fake it, I suppose. But the sheep’s wool will eventually start to tear.

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I changed because I wasn’t good enough for somebody.
Now I’m struggling to just be happy again.
And it sucks.

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I could never be something different from what my essence is, but I am sure I will be different from what I am right now, a couple of years down the line.

I am different from what I was, and I am diffferent depending on differrent situations.

That is not to say that I am not true to myself, but right now, for instance, I would regard myself primarily as a father and a husband. Were I not to have a family, I am sure I would be a totally different person.

Life isn’t static, nor am I.

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Only for jokes.

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Easily, though I choose not to anymore. I’ve noticed the difference in people depending on the environment/people they’re around. I’ve noticed this particularly with men, in that they seem to be a certain way around their male friends as opposed to when they’re around only me. In a sense, that is turning yourself into someone you aren’t.

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Quite easily.

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I can’t imagine wanting to change from sweetness and light to anything else.I just can’t do it.You can’‘t make me.So there.

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No, I wear my heart on my sleeve and always speak my mind. I’d never change who I am because no one can do a better job at being me than me! ^.^

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Get enough vodka and tonic in me and I have been known to turn into some very entertaining and unmentionable transformations. All photographic evidence has been destroyed.

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Online, sure. IRL, no. I can’t even keep a straight face during a prank. I start laughing and ruin it for everyone involved.

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@Cruiser Loll..understood!

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I have a long background as an actor in community theater, and have played a variety of roles, so in a way, you might say yes. But my approach has always been to find the “me” in the character, as I might be if my circumstances were different.. There’s always a kernel there somewhere.

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Sugar and spice and everything nice huh?

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Sure. I changed my self into a teacher!

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I can change my life but I can’t or won’t try to fool anyone. I lack the motivation and the guile. I am what I am and I don’t give a crap who it harelips.

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@Silhouette Hairlips??!! LOL!!

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I Tried, but it doesn’t work. You just gotta be yourself no matter what.

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Actually…I changed myself into a squirrel, didn’t I….

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You can yes. I would rather not though

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well, not “someone” but an animal. i have the ability to morph.

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@SeventhSense -Exactly!At least that’s what my dear mother said about me .lol!

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Did you turn yourself into someone you’re not?

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People change every single day. No, you can’t be someone you are not, but you can change the things you don’t like about yourself.

The cells in your body do a complete remake roughly every 7 to 10 years. The cells in your brain increase or decrease depending on what you learn and the nutrients or toxins you introduce into your body. You are constantly changing your appearance, and your self image changes right along with the rest.

Once, nearly everything you saw was bigger than you, and that affected the way you responded to the world around you. Over time, all that changed, and so did you.

You are no longer the infant, toddler, preschooler, teenager, you once were. You are somebody completely different now. Take advantage of all the things you have learned about yourself and others and you can, indeed must, change.

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well if it was your Mom OK

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No. I tried for nearly 40 years, failed, gave up. Much happier now.

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No. Whatever our are, in the moment, you are. Even if you are pretending to be something you’re not it’s still you doing the pretending.

In terms of “self” we are infinitely capable of being anything we choose. The limits to this are only those we impose upon ourselves.

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I utterly suck at duplicity. I can’t deceive people with a straight face to save my life. I hope I’ll never have to learn to.
Pretending I’m someone I know I’m not… I don’t think I can do that.

But deciding to change my life, yes. I’ve made decisions like that a number of times, like decisions to become more open to other people, more in touch with my emotions, more appreciative of life, more forgiving of people that I think are stupid, stuff like that.
It didn’t always immediately work – reworking emotional responses and involuntary associations takes time – but I can change policies overnight if I’m suddenly convinced I need to.

But I think that by calling that “turning yourself into someone you’re not”, you invoke the wrong connotations, though. It’s more like changing from who I was to who I will be.

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We all have to be someone else sometimes especially if we have strong opinions on issues and we must get through the day – I can easily play a different role – it’s necessary, sometimes.

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I was, once. I tried to kill myself over it, though, so that may cast some shadow on my so-called ability.

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I would say certain people do this occupationally. (undercover agents, spies, actors, salespersons, politicians)

It’s very important to have the full layout situation for this like

Someone’s an alcoholic – can they change?

Someone thinks they are shallow and dumb, can they change?

It is my occupation to change others for health reason. By simple dose change, or more commonly to look at the layout, and seek the motivation that is there for change. Slow chronic encouragement and gentle pressure

You cant sell a car to someone who doesn’t drive (or at least you shouldn’t)

People really do change. It’s not common, and I don’t call the shots, I just try to be there to take credit for it when it happens.

If you are in a bad relationship – it’s generally a bad idea to wait for change.

If you are married with kids you own them every last ounce of effort you have before giving up. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to not go hunting Indians if your last name is Custer.

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@SeventhSense -She made up alot of stuff!lol!

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@Cruiser – hahahahahahahahahaha very good. hahahahaha

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There was a time I could switch into warrior mode, but that a different war and a different me. Probably could re-awaken, but why?

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Yes. If you were to say you can’t, you’d be assuming there’s correct “you”, a certain way you’re meant to be, and you’d be going against it to change, no?
I don’t think the change is easy, but I know you can. Because I have. I did it consciously. And I’ve been told by others I’ve changed.

And depending on the situation I’m presented in, I may be a different me to adapt… that’s not exactly the same, that’s not really changing, just putting on a face. But sometimes faces are necessary.
Sometimes changing is even necessary.

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Try out different behaviors. Look at those around you at work and learn different behaviors from them, then try them out in a safe environment, such as virtual reality sites, in crowds of people you don’t know, etc. Keep what works and soon you will have a repitoir of behaviors that not only work, but in which you feel comfortable.

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I’m heart broken…. very heart broken…. but in the long run I can see my self happy, and I’m getting happier and happier because I’m becoming myself again

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No, I’m not able to turn myself into someone I’m not and I wouldn’t attempt to either because then I’d be a hypocrite. What you see is what you get.

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I can if I decide it is worth doing. I have done so. But I need a really good reason, because it takes setting your face like flint and never looking back.

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I am not motivated to transform myself into something I am not. I work on my self-discipline to break some bad habits that hurt other people about whom I care. For example, I have reduced, but not eliminated my habit of interrupting others in a group setting.

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We remake ourselves time and time again over our lifetime. Why not remake ourselves the way we want to? I’m not suggesting we violate our essential natures, only that it’s ok to adopt new and different behaviors.

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I do it everyday during working hours.

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@Dr_Lawrence now that was a cool answer!

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