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What are some creative ways of cloaking simple poll questions so they don't get moderated?

Asked by liminal (7761points) February 27th, 2010

Sometimes I want to gather opinions from a larger source of people than what fluther chat offers. Yet, asking a simple poll question about people’s preferences will result in having the question pulled.

For example:
I adore artisanal cheeses and like the idea of hearing from others personal experiences which ones they like. Simply asking: “What artisanal cheeses do you like?” will most likely get yanked


I am really curious about what others may consider the best pinot noir. Again, asking: “What is your favorite Pinot Noir?” will result in being sent to chat room land.

Sometimes I simply like flutherite responses more than google results. So… Give me some tips:

What are some creative ways you have seen or practiced to mask what you know to be a simple poll question?

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I just hit the cloak button.

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I would say that you could fill out the detail section really well. For example, list some cheeses you like and why you like those specific cheeses and the same with the pinot noir. More often than not, simple poll questions need some meat in the details section.

@Zen_Again: Klingons off the port bow!

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I think sometimes it depends on the moderators on duty. Some are more lenient than others.
I had what I thought was a legit question get pulled, but just the other day I saw a this or that question get through.
Frankly, I use this site for the Q&A aspect. Not for the chatroom and I don’t want to go into the chatroom to seek opinions like the mods suggested.
Also, remember there could be more than one reason why it gets pulled. Make sure it’s understandable as in there is no text-speak and make sure it isn’t a duplicate.

If a mod is on their period, sucks for you.

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@KatawaGrey They can’t see me.

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Got it: work on details, learn how to suck it up, and find a Romulan.

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One thing you can do is type a lot in the “detail section” below the question and add additional questions to supplement the main question, even if the main question is poll-like. Also, “what is your favorite” is never a good phrasing to use. Anything else is better.

Check out this shit: ;)

You could try something like “What artisanal cheeses do you like and why?” and then go into great detail in the details section. It increases your chances of not getting the question removed.

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@Zen_Again fire photon torpedos 360 degrees

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I am taking the nearest wormhole outta this thread. Seeya trekkers.

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@DominicX I always appreciate the words of a linguist.

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Instead of “What artisanal cheeses do you like?”, try “I found an artisanal cheese that I love, and I’m looking for something similar. Any suggestions?”

Instead of “What is your favorite Pinot Noir?”, try “I find the Modavi Pinot Noir too smokey for my tastes. What else should I try?”

With a little thought, almost any question can be improved beyond “What’s your favorite..?” and “Who’s the best…?”.

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@syz agreed… thank you (I am hoping my ability to notice what a poll question looks like is a strong step towards knowing when to craft my question differently.)

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Fluther should have a Poll section.

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@Vunessuh it seems spatula questions are frowned upon too.

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@liminal No kidding. That thread was going to save a lot of lives from their spatula obsessions and they pulled it. I’m just totally in the pits about that.

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