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How do spell the sound of blowing up a balloon?

Asked by mbook (16points) March 26th, 2010

need to know for a science project

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uh, ffffw. uh, ffffw. uh, ffffw. uh, ffffw.

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Blowing up, or BLOWING UP? Because they’re two different things when it comes to balloons.

One is “fshhhhhhhhp fshhhhhhhhp fshhhhhhp,” and the other one is “POP!”

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What? Are you blowing them up with yer ass?

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I think @dpworkin got it perfectly, lol, I’m still laughing…

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This question has made my day wonderful. I will probably remember this question and it’s answers the rest of my life. Thank you!

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@dpworkin I’m laughing my ass off!


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@Idknown‘s got it!

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@jjmah No – it’s funnier cause I actually sounded it out to verify it authenticity. LOL

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Just know that I was sitting at my teacher’s desk (discretely) trying to make the sound of a balloon being blown up. Here’s hoping that my kids didn’t notice. :)

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Only two GQ’s for @mbook? Come on, guys.

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Weeeeeee Weeeeee Weeeeee

A sound is not a word. So it is up for interpretation.

How do you spell it? “The sound, that of a balloon being blown up.” :-)

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beeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooo, wop!

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I am walking around my place going “uh, ffffw. uh, ffffw. uh, ffffw. uh, ffffw” and imagining you all making similar sounds.

@jjmah, priceless!

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phweuuhh sh! phweuuhh sh! phweuuhh sh!

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the sound of blowing up a balloon

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I keep making these noises out loud. My mother walked downstairs to asked me if I was okay. My chest hurts from laughing. You guys are the best.

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whiisssst, whisssst, whisssst, whissstttt…........squarrrk! (this is the sound when you pull it out of the mouth and turn it to judge it’s fullness)...Whissst…..

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@dpworkin, You just cracked me up!!!!!

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depends on how the air is let out of course.

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