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Where can I find Chinese zodiac drawings?

Asked by Zendream (5points) February 4th, 2007
I am making a CD of old Chinese New years photos from past parties & want to have a print of each Chinese zodiac animal that I can print or put in jpeg & burn on the CD before each of the yearly photos I've gathered, So it would show 2000 Year of Dragon) then the slide program would show the photos I took in the year 2000, Then get a year of Snake 2001, then the 2001 photos would be after that, etc. I can not find anywhere on the net showing prints or paintings of each zodiac animal that I can print, then maybe photogragh & put in jpeg.
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Probably not the style you're looking for, but clicking on the links at gives you stylized pictures.
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You could also go to Chinatown (if you're near SF) and I'm sure you could find some prints for cheap to scan.
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What about who specific zodiac symdols get along with, and don’t get along with?

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