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What's the difference between a pre-teen who lies and a pathological liar?

Asked by Aster (19223points) August 14th, 2010

If a child of eleven says, “I didn’t do it” to the point he wins a contest in his class for saying that more than anyone And he says it when he’s caught Red Handed doing something is that pathological lying or just lying? What would cause him to be this way?

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Yes, he’s clearly a pathological liar, and will grow up to be a serial killer. No eleven-year-old has ever lied despite facts to suggest otherwise before now. You should start panicking. NOW.

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thanks so much. I appreciate it.
The question was: what is the Difference between the two if any?

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Could just come down to how you handle it. If it works, and he gets away with it, he’ll get worse. I say wack ‘im!
(PS….why do you capitalize certain words in the middle of your sentences?)

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@Dutchess_III I always cap for emphasis as I’d use if speaking in person. Do u think I should stop?

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@Aster Well, it’s…disconcerting and grammatically incorrect. Try using you _ _ and * * for emphasis. Just a thought.

Is it your child with the problem?

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one is about to dive into hormone imbalances, the other one just is.

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Your pre-teen most likely is testing boundaries and the lying is not an imperative.

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