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Besides "clearing house" websites like Orbitz, Travelocity, etc... what's the best way to find cheap airfare?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) June 24th, 2007
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Hi GD!! =) Depending on where you're travelling, Southwest almost *always* has the cheapest fares if you book them early. Their tickets go on sale about 4 months out, and there's pretty much always a $69 or $99 one-way fare - sometimes cheaper, if you're not going far.

Also, if you use a credit card, get a Capital One card - you can rack up the miles pretty fast, and use them on whatever airline you want...

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I've been told "kayak" on this website. And they are pretty good--they find you tickets from al lthe other cheap sites.

GD_Kimble's avatar is amazing. Thanks much.

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I used just last week to purchase last minute tickets. The site uses a lot of ajax, which makes it easy to use (kinda like this site).

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Kayak is great, but it basically aggregrates the Orbitz/Travelocity clearinghouses you're referring to, along with a few other direct airline fares. I've also used and

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I've had pretty good experiences with a place called They predict whether your ticket price will go up or down within the next week or so, which can be helpful. They don't directly get you better deals than the mainstream sites, but they can tell you whether you're paying a good price for your ticket or whether you should wait.

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I’ve had decent luck with farecast as well. Have never tried kayak before, but will sign up and see how it works.

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I would always recommend visiting the airline directly, they always have cheap flights in advance or weekly specials. The airline here in Australia, Virgin Blue has Midweek Minis which can sell for $70 to travel nationally. If you decide to purchase online though, I would recommend using a credit card with some frequent flyer rewards program, that way you will get a free flight later down the track when you least expect it. Just type in the airlines into Google and visit their website, that’s how we operate over here in Australia. Good luck :)

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