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Is Phil Jackson black or white?

Asked by simone54 (7581points) June 15th, 2008

I’m not trying to touch on anything sensitive. I just can’t tell if he is black or white. His first name is typical for a white person. His last name is typical for a black person. Is skin is light like white person but his facial features are that of a black person. Basketball!

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Um, definitely white. I believe he grew up in North Dakota, if that settles it. Wikipedia could tell you for sure.

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Jackson is a black name? I used to have a boss with that surname, he was very pale, ginger with freckles…....

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Um, is this who you were talking about?

I have never heard of this person before, but I would safely assume that (if that is indeed him in that picture) he is white.

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typical for a black person? WTF?

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The guy is surely white…

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Some famous caucasians with the last name of “Jackson” (off of the top of my head):
Alan Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Stonewall Jackson, Steve Jackson

Jackson is also a common last name for a white person.

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Why does his racial makeup matter?

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If his skin is white – he is white.

If his features are black, then they are black.

In the end, a color is a color and not a valuation.

The real question is “What does determining his color accomplish?”

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@Marina – curiosity, perhaps? The asker thought the guy had features of both races, so she wanted to find out what race he is, out of curiousity. Nothing wrong with that.

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When people are mixed they don’t have a race.

And don’t even mention that one-drop crap.

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You can all blow me. I’m just wondering. I don’t care what he is. Get off your off your fjkljing high horses.

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I’m mixed. I take it personally – it’s not a high horse. Quit trying to label people.

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When people are mixed they don’t have a race?? What is that? I’ve never heard anyone say that before. If you are mixed, then you obviously have more than one race. Duh…And when did it become so offensive to wonder what someone’s heritage is? It used to be a very common thing to ask a person when you first met them.

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Wow I’m mixed- and I definitely have a race- two in fact- so the other mixed guy who said he’s offended, you’re actually an idiot- you ARE on a high horse and you need to get off it- The poster was asking a simple question out of curiousity, there’s nothing wrong with that- If you think there is, then youhave some deeply rooted issues with your race, and you need to get help to get over your racial hang-ups and RELAX!

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He is Mixed black and white obviously.

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I thought he was Chinese. Now, Michael Jackson – white or black?

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