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What would you talk about if you could do a TEDx Talk?

Asked by the_overthinker (1503points) March 26th, 2014

For those who don’t know what a Ted Talk is—>

So, what would you share and talk about if you could do a ted talk? And why?

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Probably about building a new life after a long time marriage is ended.

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It would probably be about the silent majority of left leaning Christians who care more about social justice and feeding the poor than what people are doing in their bedrooms.

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I would talk about education, and what education should be.

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I would love to talk to children and those who admit that they don’t understand the topic at all about economics, investing and managing risk.

I would only want to speak to those who don’t know and admit they don’t know, though. People who don’t know and pretend that they do are a lost cause in this regard.

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I admit I don’t know.

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Near death experiences. Out of body experiences. Delusions fact or fiction. The persecution of believers.

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I would talk about quality. The early TED talks were of high quality, posing and addressing important issues,

Their quality has gone way down. Instead of being analytical and searching for high level answers, they now seem to be more about pushing an agenda.

TED talks in 29014 are nowhere near the quality of the ones 3–4 years ago.

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I would talk about what I know: recovery from mental illness.

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I would talk about the principle of charity, which is both the most fundamental element of rational discussion and the most conspicuously absent feature of modern discourse. I doubt that any of the pressing issues of our day will be resolved until we are able to discuss them rationally, not least because people will not be convinced by even the best of arguments unless they are willing to understand it. As such, we need to get to a place where people can argue productively.

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I prefer keeping all what I want to say for myself because I’m suck at presenting and most of what I want to say are pretty stupid.

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I would talk about the effect of music on the brain, and by extension on the mind.

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I would talk about how soap has saved more lives than all the doctors in the world combined.

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Good point. Soap and clean water.

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<——- *proudly wraps up several bars of her handmade soap…

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← ← ← ← ← is drinking clean water (brewed into iced tea, but still)

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<————- Typing after one hour of washing her body with @cazzie‘s handmade soap…

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I would talk about spreading positivity and love to others through everyday interaction, and the benefit of animals on older people who don’t get much ‘touch’ therapy.

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*yawn… Soap still wins.

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I would expand on this link

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Updated: just come up with something to talk with TEDx.

I will talk about the generation gap and how it affects our quality of life. I’m kind of sick of being scolded around because the elders think we are getting worse and worse.

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I would talk about wine, because it is my only area of expertise. I keep hearing how you can find great wines for only a couple bucks in France and Spain. If we could get the price of good wine down, maybe it could be our go-to drink here, like it is there. It would be pretty awesome to have a thriving, affordable food/wine culture in the US.

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