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Have you ever posted something on this site and then later wished that you could go back and delete it?

Asked by prairierose (1843points) December 19th, 2014

I am still new here and there are already several times when I wished there was a way to just delete an entire comment that I made. Maybe there is a way and I just don’t know about it. Have any of you ever wanted to just get some of your comments off of the site?

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Sure, but not so badly that it haunted me or anything. You can’t remove your post, but what you can do is find the post via your profile, and click on “Hide on profile”. At least that will keep people from now hunting through all your posts to figure out what you’re so ashamed of. ;)

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If it’s within the editing period, you can blank it out. Other than that, you can contact the moderators and ask them to remove if you have a compelling reason.

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Yes. Comments, questions and private messages.

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No, never, just words on a screen baby.

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Occasionally, usually when I am appalled at someones jerkiness or hard headedness and allow myself to get sucked in. I can go months and months and months and then experience a flare up, like I have this last month or so. haha
I am so easy to get along with that people need to know that when I blow, there’s a damn good reason. lol

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@dappled_leaves Hahha…Yes, nothing that haunts me either. Too funny. I may get pissy now and then but thankfully I do not have any issues with guilt, neurotic or otherwise. I also don’t hold grudges, waste of time. I may not like a very few here but I don’t hold grudges like some do. Internet grudges are so stupid, what’s done is done, just move on. haha

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Yes. Be assured: The feeling won’t last forever!

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I can’t think of anything I’m ashamed of posting.

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Yes. Many times. Sometimes I get into trouble because of my post. But at least I get some lessons to learn. And thanks God the mods modded many of them for me so that no one can see my stupidity.

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@Mimishu1995 My feelings exactly about some of my posts. I am asking myself why did I even put that out there?

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^^^^ Meh…we’re only human…it’s all good. :-)

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I learned a LONG time ago, everything you say on the telephone or sent in mail/email is OPEN knowledge to someone.

About fifty years ago.

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@Tropical_Willie Yeah those party lines sucked. lol

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A few times, yeah. Nothing too big that I still think about it though.

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Once, when I first joined the site. If it is something that has personal information, you can flag it and request for the mods to remove it. They don’t remove every request, but they look at the information and why the person wants it removed and go from there.

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I used to post on here while drinking a lot, and suprisingly, there isn’t much I saw the next day that I cared was there. Only once I totally missread a post and reacted, but later I figured out the poster meant something else. Auggie was kind and deleted my post when I asked her.

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No. My cornucopia of wisdom is ever flowing forth truth that the masses desperately need.

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I made some really stupid mistakes when I was new, usually due to me misunderstanding something in a questions. A couple of times I flagged it and pointed out the stupidity and the mods were good about working with me.

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Thanks everyone for answering, I appreciate it.

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more than once. It’s certain to happen again.

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Having known you perhaps the longest, @stanleybmanly, I’ll vouch for that. ;)

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Well ya know, you manly types…lol

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I regretted the name I used when I first posted here. It was how I felt at that instant in time and really did not fit my personality. Fortunately the mods understood and changed it for me.

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Yes. I once asked Auggie to remove comments I had made that revealed too much information about where I live. Stupid. She helped me out, which was very nice.

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I was reading some of my old answers and realized how much a douchebag, rabid atheist I was at times lol.

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Right now I am dying to make a smart ass remark to someone but I shall refrain. haha

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I’ve never regretted a post but sometimes wished later (often minutes later) I had phrased it differently or included something more—in which case I’ve simply added another comment to the same thread amending or clarifying my previous comment.

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Considering I joined this website when I was 15, ohhh yes there are a lot of questions and answers I am embarrassed of now, but that’s not a good enough reason for mods to remove them so unfortunately I just have to live with it and try to use it as a reflection of how far I’ve come rather than a cringe-fest.

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I’ll testify, as per my last post, that the current moderating staff is not equal to the old.
By a long-shot.

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